Canon Cameras Can Now Automatically Backup Photos to Google Photos

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INTRO: One of the most important issues for anyone who shoots tons of images with their DSLRs is managing those pictures and keeping backups. Well, to assist solve that, Google and Canon have partnered to bring a useful new feature to users. Canon users can now use the updated image. canon app to automatically backup their photos to Google Photos.

The feature may be a new addition to the app and allows users to backup their photos to Google’s cloud service. Moreover, Canon users will get a free one-month membership to Google One. This will offer you 100GB of cloud storage to save lots of full-resolution pictures to Google Photos.

The updated image. canon app is out there to download on both Android and iOS smartphones. However, you’ll need a compatible camera to use the feature. Most of the newest mirrorless cameras from Canon are compatible with the app, as are many of the company’s DLSRs including the 5D Mark IV. If you would like to see whether your camera is compatible with the app, you’ll do so from this link.

It’s noteworthy that you simply can’t use the free Google Photos tier to save lots of your DSLR pictures to the cloud. The feature requires a lively Google One membership so as to figure . In India, this may set you back by ₹130 per month for the bottom 100GB storage tier, all the high to ₹9750 per month for 30TB of storage.

Download the image. canon app (Android/ iOS)


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