10+ CCleaner Alternatives That You Are Going To Like

10+ CCleaner Alternatives That You Are Going To Like

Before we dig deep into the quest of what are the best CCleaner alternatives. All of us need to know the hat. Because only then would we acquire the power to get a beer understanding of it. So. Let’s begin:

CCleaner is nothing but a utility software that clears all your online tracks, frees up space. Not just this, it helps to manage your machine, and hence it increases the speed of your PC—this results in the better working of your personal computer or, for that matter, your laptop. Besides, Piriform CCleaner also has some pitfalls, like CCleaner cannot wipe all the deleted files from your hard drive due to the way Windows operating system captures and stores various files. It also updates itself regularly without your acknowledgment and runs forcefully in the background.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, there are instances where people look out for CCleaner alternatives. And that is why this piece of writing shall work as a guide for you because here we will talk of quite a few of the best cc cleaner alternatives. So, without wasting much time, let’s just get started:

10+ CCleaner Alternatives

  • Clean Master Official
  • Advanced System Optimize
  • WiseCleaner
  • Advanced SystemCare (ASC)
  • CleanMyPC
  • Avast Cleanup
  • AVG PC Tuneup for PC, Mac
  • Glary Utilities
  • Jv16PowerTools
  • System Ninja
  • Ace Utilities

So, these are some of the best cc cleaner alternatives. It would just not be fair if we do not discuss them in a bit of detail. So, let’s begin the quest:

Clean Master Official

10+ CCleaner Alternatives That You Are Going To Like

To begin with, we have the very first name of Clean Master Official. It could prove out to be an excellent alternative. Clean Master Official caters you a compelling privacy option and not just this; it also caters junk cleaning. It can scan more than 1000 programs, which are just amazing. With the help of this alternative, You can make your computer junk free with only one click.


  • it supports the scanning and fixing of more than 5,000,000 files and devices.
  • It checks junk files regularly and automatically and also cleans them.

Advanced System Optimize

10+ CCleaner Alternatives That You Are Going To Like

Next up, we have Advanced System Optimize, another excellent option to go for, and it is perfect. It is a powerful, cleanup alternative and has a huge fan base, which is fantastic. Not just this, it has also got some of the most fantastic alteratives. And it is time for us to look at some of the following:

Features of Advanced System Optimize

  • It provides a tension and distraction-free gaming experience, which makes it very desirable.
  • You can easily toggle between the game computer and the personal computer with ease.
  • Automatically updates the necessary driver in your system to faster your computer.


Wise Cleaner

Moving on with the list of the CCleaner alternatives, we have WiseCleaner, which is yet another substitute. The best part about this cleaner it works very smoothly, and the interface is also amiable. All in all, it could prove out to be the best alternative pick for you. To give you a more clear picture, let’s look at the features of WiseCleaner.

Features of WiseCleaner:

  • Cleans Internet History and all other Traces on available your computer; thus, it protects your privacy and is just great.
  • It scheduled automatic disk cleaning, which results in better working.
  • WiseCleanerr Automatically updates software or the user’s ease.

Advanced SystemCare (ASC)

Advanced SystemCare


Continuing with the list of the CCleaner alternatives, next up, we have Advanced System Care (ASC). It is also one of the most widely chosen cleaners all across the world. It works in an optimum way. Also, the process and practice of its working are quite useful. Don’t you think it would just be great if we look at some of its features?

Features of Advanced System Care (ASC)

  • This particular cleaner helps you to free up your disk space by cleaning junk files.
  • It also manages startup items to boost computer startup.
  • With the help of this particular cleaner, you can keep your contacts, blocks untrusted programs, and local email.


Clean MyPC

The next name that we have on the list of the CCleaner alternatives is CleanMyPc. It is yet another fantastic cleaner and has all the capability to outsmart the CCleaner. It works magnificently, and then it just works according to our own will. Other than this, it is a perfect option to go for, and it is excellent.

Features of CleanMyPC

  • With the help of just a few clicks, you can find useless files and removes them securely.
  • It also gives the freedom to the particular user to clean the registry on your computer.
  • It automatically Uninstalls the Windows apps in the right way, along with their leftovers.
  • This particular tool provides an easy way to speed up computer startup.

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is the next alternative of the CCleaner you say that we have on the list. Speedup and cleans your computer. Avast clean tool also helps you update your software, fix annoying problems, and remove bloatware, which is very helpful. All in all, it is perfect.

Features of Avast Cleanup

  • This particular tool removes broken shortcuts.
  • It removes your registry, which provides you security.
  • Avast cleanup automatically updates your applications, and therefore you need not worry.
  • This tool provides a quick overview of computer health.
  • It detects and removes all the unwanted third-party toolbars and ads.

AVG PC Tuneup for PC, Mac, and the Androids

AVG PC Tuneup

Moving on, we have AVG PC Tuneup for PC, Mac, and Android. It works amazingly. It has some of the best unique features and can beat out al; the other alternatives. Isn’t this amazing. Apart from this, it also works smoothly.

Features of AVG PC Tuneup for PC, Mac, and Android

  • The tool tends to fix automatically, crashes, bugs, and maintains your computer, which is just great.
  • It also finds and removes all the junk programs and bloatware.
  • This tool allows you to clean up more than 200 apps.
  • This tool Deep-clean your hard drive with Disk Cleaner hence giving you a better experience.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities

Coming up with the next name in the list of the CCleaner alternatives, the name that we have is none other than Glary Utilities. It has got a lot of popularity and along with also a loyal fan base. It is being used widely all across the world and has got a very satisfied set of users. It again proves its credibility. Let; look at some of its features to get to know about it a bit more.

Features of Glary Utilities

  • It provides an authoritative and all-in-one utility for cleaning your PC, which is just amazing.
  • This tool fixes frustrating crashes and errors, and hence it just amazing.
  • It has automated and secure options, which makes it very safe and secure.
  • Gallery Utilities Maximize your PC performance.


Jv16 Power Tools

jv16PowerTools is the next cleaner that we have on the list of the CCleaner alternatives. It works by cleaning the Windows registry, unwanted files, and data and ensuring that everything is very proper. This tool also fixes all your system errors automatically and applies optimization to your PC.

Features of Jv16PowerTools:

  • Jv16 PowerTools allows you to uninstall any software and remove its leftovers, and this is something unique.
  • This software works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11.
  • It can be used in various languages like English, Dutch, Deutsch, Francis, etc.

System Ninja

System Ninja

Last but not least, the next name that we have on the list of CCleaner alternatives is System Ninja. It is a fantastic tool and works very very efficiently. It is very much popular and not just this it has also got a very appealing set of features. Its working model is also very desirable. Let’s have a glimpse at some of its particular specifics:

Features of System Ninja

  • Cleans junk of Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • With this software, you can control startup times, delete unwanted apps, and manipulate the running process.
  • It provides one-click optimization.

Final Words

So, with this, we come to the last leg of a particular piece of writing. Also, we are sure that you will love all the CCleaner alternatives that we have presented. The task to jot down and explore and mention the best CCleaner alternatives for you was not at all an easy task, but we emerged victorious only for you.

I hope that you are going to like it. In case you think that missed out on any CCleaner alternatives, let us know about the same in the comment section given below. It is going to help us as well as the readers out there. Also, do share this informative piece of writing with your friends and family who might need it. Happy cleaning



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