Guide To CF Auto Root In Just A Quick And Simple Steps

cf auto root

Every day a new phone launches on a daily basis. A report suggests there are almost 24,000 distinct types of smartphones and tablets. When you consider that each manufacturer adds a few tweaks to the Android code base here and there, that makes for a lot of software variations, which in turn means there need to be many different root methods to match this variety. There isn’t a single rooting method that works on every phone. In this article, we are going to talk about CF auto root that you can do in just a few steps.

How does CF Auto Root work?

CF auto root works by unlocking your phone’s bootloader. That means if your smartphone’s bootloader is not unlocked, you will lose all your data. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to back up all important data on a separate storage drive.

There comes U.S carriers come into play.  But devices that are universal for all carriers, like Nexus and Moto X devices, allow for easily unlocked bootloaders regardless of your carrier.

International devices will for the most part allow you to unlock your bootloader.

cf auto root

Also note that you will need a Windows PC to use this method on a Samsung device, but you can use either Windows, Mac, or Linux if you are rooting any other Android device.

It should also be noted that unlocking your bootloader and rooting your device will likely void your manufacturers’ warranty.

Steps You Should Follow:

Step 1: Ensure that you have installed the drivers that are required. Ensure that you’re device is connected to the PC. If you are using a Samsung device the drivers you’ll need are only available for Windows, but you can also download them. Open this link to download. Once the download is finished, extract the ZIP file then launch the EXE file.

If you are using any other device than Samsung, you’ll need a different set of drivers. These drivers are available for all major desktop operating systems and can be downloaded.

cf auto root

Step 2: Download The Right CF Auto Root On Your Device. There are different versions of CF Auto Root for each of the 300+ supported Android devices, so you’ll need to be careful and make sure you download the right one. To make sure you’re downloading the right CF Auto Root package, you’ll first need to find your Android device’s model number. This can be done by heading to the “About Phone” menu in Settings, then looking for the series of letters and numbers listed under the “Model number” entry. Once you know your model number, you’ll also have to find your Android version number to make sure you’re getting the right CF Auto Root package. From the same About phone menu, scroll down a bit further and note the number listed beneath the “Android version” entry.

With that information in hand, head to the CF Auto Root page at the following link, then locate your device’s model number in the list. From there, make sure the numbers in the “Android” column match up with the Android version you found earlier. If everything looks to be in order, click the “Download” link on the right to get the proper version of CF Auto Root for your device.

Step 3: Extract CF Auto Root Zip. You can extract the files at any location, but do remember this location for later use.

Step 4: For Samsung devices, you can root with Odin. First, you’ll have to put your Samsung device into Download Mode. From a powered-off state, press and hold the volume down, home, and power buttons simultaneously. At this point, you’ll see a warning message—but like it says, just press the volume up button to enter Download Mode. After that, connect your phone to your PC with a USB data cable, then the rest of the work will be done on Windows.

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