Check out This Super-Cool Convertible Flying Car Take off for the First Time


    As we are gradually moving towards a future that we see in sci-fi movies, we are seeing more and more companies invest in flying cars. We have seen major companies like Volvo, Uber, and Rolls Royce performing on flying cars since way back. However, one company named Klein Vision has been working to develop a flying car for nearly 30 years. Now, they finally made a reworking flying car that recently took its inaugural flight.

    Now, Klein Vision, the corporate from Slovakia, developed the “AirCar” with the thought of a vehicle which will run ashore and fly up in air. Hence, it’s a convertible which, rather than coitus interruptus a sunroof, brings out a pair of retractable wings and a propeller! It also extends its back to get that sweet tail for air-navigation.
    Watch It Fly for the First Time

    The company unveiled the ultimate iteration of the AirCar back in 2019, consistent with a report by Auto Evolution. However, the flying convertible completed its first flight only recently . You can inspect the official video from Klein Vision right below.
    Now, as you can see, the AirCar looks super-cool, and the transformation from a land-treading vehicle to an air-tearing automobile looks straight outta 2077. The company says that the car takes only three minutes to turn from a car to an air-car.

    However, unlike most flying vehicles, Klein Vision’s model doesn’t believe “Vertical Take-Off and Landing” (VTOL) and wishes quite long stretch of road to require its flight.
    “With AirCar you’ll reach your destination without the effort of getting a ride to the airport and spending through commercial security, you’ll drive your AirCar to the golf course, the office, the mall, or your hotel and park it during a normal parking lot ,” said Anton Zajac, the co-founder of Klein Vision and one among its investor.

    According to reports, the AirCar has a range of 621 miles (~1000 km) and can reach speeds up to 124 mph (~200 km/h). However, during which of the 2 modes are these figures registered isn’t confirmed by the corporate .

    Now, although the car looks almost ready, it will be much longer before it becomes available for the public. Even though they’re performing on a 2 and a 4-seater model, the corporate says that they’re facing some major challenges within the production process. Moreover, certifying the car for aviation is another long process which the corporate has got to face within the coming days.


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