Cherrinet Offers Higher Speed On Residential Plans

Cherrinet Offers Higher Speed Residential Plans

Cherrinet Offers Higher Speed Residential Plans. Cherrinet is a broadband service provider in Tamil Nadu. This Tamil Nadu based broadband service provider offers services in ten more cities.

Cherrinet has unveiled three new plans that provide upgraded network speed.

Where To Check The New Deals?

Consumers can check their latest deals from their website, while their Facebook page still reflects their old plans and packages.

Cherrinet Offers Higher Speed Residential Plans – What Is The New Deal?

You can check their latest deals and plans from their official website. Cherrinet’s official website claims they are now providing a good 150Mbps used. Previously they used to provide 100Mbps speed to its customers. The maximum limit of data for the base plan is A whopping 2000GB.

The base plan is priced at rupees 999. Facebook page of Cherrinet claims they are the “first Internet Service Provider to provide limitless data”.

New Residential Plans:

Cherrinet has updated its residential plans along with their basic “Starter” pack. The residential plans now provide 2000GB data with 175Mbps speed. This plan is will cost their users rupees 1299 only. The top-tiered plan now costs rupees 1499 that provide 2000GB FUP data with an upgraded speed to 225Mbps.

It is not clear when the company has announced such deals.

Cherrinet Offers Higher Speed Residential Plans


Data Speed:

The data speed of the basic pack is 200Mbps while the speed of the Neo Starter pack is 150Mbps. The post FUP data speed for these data plans is 5Mbps.

G-Force And SME Plans:

Cherrinet offers three G-Force plans in Chennai with data speed up to 1Gbps. The basic G-Force 2 offers 4TB FUP with speed up to 1Gbps. This plan is priced at rupees 9999. The G-Force 6 and G-Force 10 also provides 1Gbps internet speed. The data limit of these plans is 12TB and 20TB priced at rupees 24999 and 34999 respectively.

The company provides a base SME plan across Tamil Nadu. The base SME priced at rupees 1999. Under this plan, the consumer will get 2250GB of data limit with speed up to 250Mbps.

City Availabilities:

Cherrinet is present in 10 cities across Tamil Nadu including Puducherry Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Salem, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Rajapalayam and Thiruvananthapuram.

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