Chrome 86 Adds Password Alerts, Enhanced Safe Browsing for Android,

Chrome 86

INTRO: Google started testing password alerts for Chrome in October last year and unrolled the feature to PCs in December with Chrome 79. The software giant is now bringing the much-needed feature to Android and iOS with the newest Chrome 86 update.

With Chrome 86, the browser will warn you if one among the saved passwords gets compromised. to see compromised passwords, Google will securely send a replica of your usernames and passwords to its servers. the corporate promises it can’t access your credentials thanks to encryption.

As detailed last month, Chrome 86 will add a Change password button supported ‘well-known URLs’ to redirect users to the change password page. Combining these two features, you’ll easily reset compromised passwords without much hassle or complications involved.

On iOS, Chrome is adding a further layer of security before you autofill passwords. The browser will ask you to authenticate using Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode before filling the credentials. Chrome on iOS also will autofill saved credentials to other apps or browsers.

Password protection isn’t the sole security feature coming to mobile with Chrome 86. The browser has added mixed form warnings on desktop and Android. With this feature, Chrome will warn when HTTPS pages have non-secure content, say when you’re filling an unencrypted form present in an HTTPS page. The browser also will block or warn when secure pages initiate insecure downloads.

Chrome 86 update also adds Enhanced Safe Browsing for Android. If you switch on the feature, Chrome will protect you against phishing, malware, and other dangerous sites by sharing real-time data with Google’s Safe Browsing service. Google mentions that it noticed a 20 percent drop by phishing attempts when users enabled the feature on desktop.

Alongside, Google has revealed its plans to feature Safety Check on Android and iOS within the next release. For those unaware, Safety Check checks if Safe Browsing is enabled and makes sure that your version of Chrome is up so far .

Chrome 86 is now rolling out on desktop, Android, and iOS. you’ll install the update on the mobile versions from Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

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