Chrome Canary Lets You Rename Browser Windows


INTRO: As spotted by Techdows, there exists a replacement feature named Window Naming that allows you to set custom names for Chrome browser windows. This way, with CHrome Canary you’ll easily classify your browser windows supported its contents and quickly identify them.

For now, the feature is present behind a Chrome flag in the latest Google Chrome Canary version. If you’re interested to undertake this upcoming feature immediately you ought to attend chrome://flags and look for ‘Window Naming’. Once you’ve enabled the flag, restart the browser.

Chrome Canary Lets You Rename Browser Windows | ForemostList
After the restart, you’ll see an option called ‘Name window’ if you right-click on Chrome’s header. When you click thereon , a panel to line your required window name appears. Enter the name you prefer and click on OK to confirm the changes.
You can repeat these steps to call all the browser windows you’ve opened. It is worth noting that you simply will see the name of the browser window within the taskbar thumbnail preview that appears once you hover the mouse pointer over Chrome’s icon on Windows 10’s taskbar and within the recent app views triggered using Windows Key + Tab or Alt + Tab shortcuts.

While the feature is functional on Windows 10, it’s also available on Chrome Canary for Linux, Chrome OS, and Android too as per the flag’s description. We will need to wait until Google makes the feature available within the stable version of Google Chrome.

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