Chrome Extension Will “Restore Old Google Icons” to Create Less Confusion


INTRO: As Google continues to make its shift to a whole new image for its GSuite (now called Google Workspace) apps, the company has started rolling out new colorful icons for its apps. We have seen the Mountain View-based software giant rolled out the new Google

Calendar icon to some users. Moreover, consistent with recent reports, the Google Pay app has also gained a replacement icon in India. Now, although these icons look pretty colorful, many users have criticized their monotonous color-scheme. So, if you’re one of these users, then we are sure you’ll love this Chrome extension which will restore the previous icons for the Google apps.

Dubbed as Restore old Google icons, this easy yet nifty Chrome extension is for those that lose their Gmail or Google Drive tabs while browsing with an ocean of Google services tabs. This extension, after its installation in Chrome, simply brings back the old, distinguishable icons of the Google apps online.

The creator of the tool, Claudio Postinghel (@skavalai), is really a product designer at a digital marketing firm. The “Restore old Google icons” one of his side projects and has become one of the foremost popular Chrome extensions on the Chrome Web Store.

Moreover, because it may be a chromium-based extension, it works fine with any browser that supports Chrome extensions. we are currently using the Opera GX browser and was able to add the extension to it. And guess what? It actually works.

Google extension restores old icons 1
According to his comments and views on social media, we can assume that he created the tool to help users distinguish between the different Google apps while browsing the web.

Following the roll-out of the new Google icons, many users are reporting that they’re very similar and make confusion while browsing online. And, unlike the new icons, the previous icons were far more distinct.

So, if you’re one of the bulk of users having this issue, then I like to recommend you to feature this extension to your browser.

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