Chrome Tests Dark Theme for Google Search Results on Android


INTRO: The search engine giant Google is currently working to bring a dark theme to Chrome’s Google Search results on Android. The latest feature currently exists inside a Chrome flag in the latest Canary version of Google Chrome. As it is noticed by Android Police, the Chrome flag went live over the weekend.

Dark Theme In Google Chrome For Android Users

Chrome tests dark search results that work with Android 10's dark mode

Google is currently working on a dark theme to Google in search results, for android users. If you are interested to try out Chrome’s dark theme for Google Search, visit ‘chrome://flags’ and enable ‘Show darkened search pages on Android’ flag. After enabling the flag, restart the browser. As you can see in the image below, the flag darkens Google Search’s results interface.

chrome canary search dark theme


Google Search’s dark theme follows up the Chrome app’s theme by default. In other words, you won’t see dark search results if Chrome’s theme is set to light. You can also change Chrome’s theme from Settings -> Themes inside the browser.

At the time of writing this article, the feature appears to be working just on the Canary build of Google Chrome. I tried enabling the flag on Chrome Dev but it didn’t show dark search results. That said, we could expect the software giant to improve the feature and bring it to the stable build in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, there is a handy URL workaround to get a dark theme if you are not willing to install google Canary for now. All you have to do is add ‘&cs=1’ to the end of Google Search’s URL.

However, all of this process will have to be repeated every time you open a new Google Search tab. It is also worth noting that this URL workaround and it is totally applicable only to Chromium-based browsers right now.


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