Chromium for Android May Soon Integrate Kiwi Browser’s Extensions Support


INTRO: The Kiwi Browser and Yandex Browser are one of the two web browsers that currently lets you install Chrome extensions on Android devices. While the Brave browser is currently working on the feature that is slated to release sometime this year, a new report further suggests that the Kiwi developers might be working along with Samsung and Google to bring its extensions support to all Chromium browsers in the devices.

The development also comes just a few weeks after the Kiwi browser went open-source and then it joined the likes of Chromium and Firefox.  The Kiwi developers wrote this April “Everything is being released, all of that including extensions code, no strings attached in it. You are even allowed to integrate Kiwi in your commercial browser (yep, even encouraged to use code)”.

As according to the reports, the developers are also working to upstream some of the changes that are related to extensions to make it closer to google Chromium. What all of this means is that to the end-user is that you may also soon witness the widespread adoption of the extensions on Chromium-based browsers on the web.

Apart from all of that, there are at least “3 variants of Kiwi that are getting born right now, all of this is including with a very very large OEM”. A recent commit that is made by a Samsung employee on Chromium Gerrit all of this suggests that Samsung might be the large OEM mentioned all over here, but it is too early to speculate right now.

But, it is worth noticing that Samsung already supports the Web Extensions starting with all of that Samsung Internet 11, although currently in a restricted Samsung-exclusive manner. It is quite possible that Samsung is working to incorporate the standard to avail and ensure access to a wider library of extensions to the browsers.

Now, It will be pretty interesting to see the Chromium-based projects that would get on board in this initiative.


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