Bored With Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? Wait for Clova

Abou Clova & Availability of this new virtual assistant

LINE is collaborating with SONY & LG to launched a new virtual assistant named “Clova” and it will surely be a big competitor for Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa. The company announced about this officially in #MWC17 live in Barcelona.

The craze of virtual voice assistant got a high volume of popularity with Google’s, Google Assistant launched last year with their flagship device named Pixel.

Not only a virtual Assistant for smartphone, they are also going to launch a similar home speaker to Google Home & Amazon Echo. The parent company of LINE named Naver is working on this project and will come up with it soon.

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Clova Launch Date & Availability

Clova will be available from early September 2017 as a smartphone app as well as home speaker. Looks like they are fully in plan to beat Google Assistant or Home & Amazon Echo or Alexa.

Let’s see what happens, how amazing the assistant will be and whether it would be free for we all or not.

Clova Features and Specifications 

The features of this assistant are pretty comparable to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Also, if you want to compare Clova Speaker, it will be as similar as Google Home & Amazon Echo.

As like Google, Clova will use its own Naver’s search engine to answer the queries.

LG G6 is the first non-pixel device to run Google Assistant in it. Also, recently we also heard that the assistant by Google will be soon available in all running on Android Marshmallow version or higher.

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At MWC 2017, company’s CEO said,

“AI is our most important project at Line, and represents a paradigm shift as dramatic as the rise of the smartphone a decade ago,”.

“The Clova platform allows Line’s existing services to interconnect, moving users post-touch, post-display, and even post-Smart-Portal, into a new future. We are aiming to make Clova Asia’s leading cloud AI platform.”

The smart speakers by Google & Amazon named Google Home & Amazon Echo will soon going to receive a calling feature. We hope that speaker of LINE named Clova will also have that feature.

LINE is a popular messaging application. It looks like it’s a good plan to enter into Asia’s market.

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