COD Games In Order For All The Game Lovers Out There

cod games in order

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game, available on multiple platforms, with the first game released way back in 2003. Since the release of its first game, this franchise has released several other games with coordinating sequels to each game. They’ve also created dozens of add-ons and downloadable content packs for each of their installments. We have listed COD Games In Order.

This guide breaks down all of the games released by the COD Games In Order since the first game in 2003.

Call of Duty is the very first game released in the franchise series, and it was originally available for Microsoft Windows. In September of 2004, Gray Matter Interactive and Activision created an expansion pack called Call of Duty: United Offensive and Pi Studios created an enhanced version of the game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, called Classic Release. Pi Studios’ version was only available through redemption codes found in the special editions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

This game focuses on the British, Soviet, and American view-point during World War II. This game strays away from individual fighting seen in other 1st person shooter games, focusing more on the team-based play. This game offers three campaign modes including Soviet, American, and British, and it offers both single-player and multiplayer.

COD Games In Order

Call of Duty: Finest Hour

This version of COD was launched in the year 2004.

The Call of Duty: Finest Hour is the first installment of the series of COD Games In Order and it was originally released for Xbox, Playstation 2, and GameCube. It’s the first in the series made for a console and follows the same WWII theme as the game before it. It offers six different storylines for players to choose from and each story features real events that soldiers experienced during the war.

cod games in order

In the game, players get a campaign for each of the wars allies, and it offers both single and multiplayer modes. Another major change made by developers is the integration of online and local support on select consoles. While GameCube doesn’t offer online support for this particular game, Xbox Live lets up to 32 players locally, and PlayStation 2 allows for 16 players using the PlayStation 2 port.

Call of Duty 2:

Call of Duty 2 is the 2nd in this series of COD Games In Order, and it was originally released for Microsoft Windows. Later on, other versions came out for Pocket Pc’s, Xbox 360, and mobile phones. In April of 2006, Call of Duty 2: Radiant became available to players who wanted to create their own maps, import custom features into the game, or edit their own special effects.

cod games in order

Again, the theme focuses on World War II, where players take on one of 4 characters from the British, American, or Soviet army. It offers four separate campaigns that are split into three intertwined stories. All together players have access to 27 different missions divided into both the single and multiplayer modes. Many features got added or changed in this version, giving players regenerating health, grenade indicators, and new maps.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One is an expansion of the original Call of Duty 2, and it was originally released for GameCube, Xbox One, and Playstation 2. Later on, this game was a part of a combination package, called Call of Duty: Legacy, that was available only for Playstation 2. It offers both single and multiplayer modes and focuses entirely on the United States 1st Infantry Division.

cod games in order

This game offers many distinct differences when compared to other games in the franchise, mainly due to its focus on one allied group. It also differs from other installments because of its opened-ended chapters that t allow players to carry out each goal on multiple different paths. Moreover, each chapter of the game features real footage and images from Military archives.

Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty 3 is the 3rd edition to the series, and it was originally released for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Playstation 3, and Playstation 2. It offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, and its the first game in the franchise to offer different gaming modes. Players have multiple paths to choose from while completing their missions and have a similar style of gameplay as the others in the series.

cod games in order

One big change to the game is the ability to throw grenades back at the enemy. In single-player mode, players get access to 14 campaign modes, and they get to choose one of three soldiers as their character. In multiplayer, players get access to several different modes, six characters to choose from, and they get to work in teams with up to 16 other players.

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