Convert PDF to PowerPoint With These Best Tool[Top 8 & Genuine Tools]

Best Tool To Convert PDF to PowerPoint [Top 8 & Genuine Tools]

There are many tools present o the web today, And all the devices have their specific connection and, In a way, is capable of doing its job efficiently. Today in this particular piece of writing, we will be specifically talking about tools that help us to convert PDF to PowerPoint.

Rewriting is, without a shadow of a doubt, tiring as well as time-consuming work. And, the world today in which we are living is being trained to work efficiently. At one point or the other in your life, you must have felt the need to convert the thing that you have written in PDF to PowerPoint. But, you might not have come across the best tool.

Today, time has changed, and many services, Tools, and programs have been created to make the work easy for us. Here is the catch, finding the best tool for you at times can be tricky, and this is why we are present to discuss the same. Let’ dive in to know some of the Best Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint.

Best Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

  • TaskHelper PDF Converter
  • Smallpdf
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • iLovePDF to PPT Converter
  • Zamzar PDF to PPT Converter
  • iSkySoft PDF Editor 6 Professional
  • WondersharePDFelement
  • Foxit PhantomPDF Online

Did you like the tools that we have presented above! Would you like to know more about it? If yes, stick to it, and let’s just get started:

TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter is very diverse in its category and also when it comes to converting PDF files to a lot of different formats. It has also been identified as one of the greatest and the best PDF to PPT converter software that works offline. Not just this, it also ensures that the total security and privacy of the PDF files since all processes take place locally on your PC. And the best part is you do not need to upload PDFs that need to go through the conversion.

Best Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint[Top 8 & Genuine Tools]

This tool is also a very easy to go-to tool and when you are unable to access an active internet connection, which is a requirement for other PDF TO PPTX conversion tools. Other than conversion, with the help of this tool, you will be able to split, merge, and extract specific files or even pages from PDF files of interest, which is just great.

When it comes to adding some files that need conversion, the process has made simple and easy by having access to a drag-and-drop facility at your end. Now you can enjoy Enjoy top conversion speeds while at the same time maintaining the high-quality output of the resulting PowerPoint presentation files. Give TalkHelper PDF Converter a try, and we are sure that it will not disappoint you.


The next tool name that we have on the list is of Smallpdf. It is yet another excellent tool for carrying out the process of conversion. Smallpdf is a perfect online PDF to PowerPoint converter service tool that delivers many cool features to its user end without costing even a penny. This process requires an active internet connection since you will have to upload and download when the PDF files are converted into Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Best Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint[Top 8 & Genuine Tools]

Adding particular files for the conversion is quite simple as you will have to have to search for the PDF file location and select it for the process upload. You can also enjoy a simple and even more convenient addition of files by using the available features that have made especially for the user convenience.

The user shall be required to install any software on your PC as everything is done online. Smallpdf leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your files’ privacy, so all PDFs and converted Ppt files shall be deleted from the servers an hour after the conversion process has taken place. For your further ease, you will be able to convert PDF to PPTX, no matter the device you are using. PDF to PPT or PPTX is a complex process, but this particular tool makes it easy, and hence you get the best experience.

Adobe Acrobat

Moving on with the list, the next tool name that we have on the list is Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat caters to PDF reader tools and considers it one of the best PDF to PPT tools available at our end, which is fantastic. One of the top-notch things of this tool is that you can enjoy it because it lets you get rid of reformatting the tasks other than providing a drag-and-drop option. After Using the other PDF to Powerpoint conversion tools may act as a deterrent with your formats like layout, objects, bullets, and tables but with Adobe Acrobat, Be sure that everything went through the process of conversion as it was in the original document.

Best Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint[Top 8 & Genuine Tools]





Also, if you need particular parts of your PDF, this converter shall help you get just that in a fast and easy way. There is nothing to worry about if your PDF that needs to go through conversion is a bit old, as this particular program will transform it into a PowerPoint file that is very easy to update. Besides, this converter does not come free of cost. You shall have to get instead a free trial, after which you have to buy it to continue accessing its features

iLovePDF to PPT Converter

The next tool name that we have on the list is of iLovePDF. It is a diverse-platform tool that caters to various PDF tools other than being able to convert PDF to PowerPoint. As a user, you could also choose to use the web platform and implement Google Drive and Dropbox. The user can also get the PDF files to go through conversion, and then you can save the output PowerPoint files again to the same place without facing any such problems.

Best Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint[Top 8 & Genuine Tools]

If you also want to work simultaneously, you can also choose to use the iLovePDF mobile app on your smartphone irrespective of whether it is an Android or IOS device and access PDF to PPT tools for your further ease. We could also be used directly and even offline on your Persona Computer to manage PDF to PPTX conversion process without the need for going a lot of uploads. This tool can work batch addition of files after in ago and which they are output in the best and high-quality, which is just great. Converted and uploaded files are kept on the server for only 2 hours, after which they are deleted for privacy and security concerns.

Zamzar PDF to PPT Converter

The next time that we have on the list is Zamzar. It is one of the best PDF to PPT or PPTX converter tools in the online platform. It is the best alternative program on the web when you do not want the tiring process of installing software and then the extra plugins on your particular Personal Computer. The method of Converting a PDF into a PowerPoint presentation file is straightforward in just three simple steps. Firstly, you must add PDF files by using the search button, adding then from a URL, or it will be better to implement the much convenient drag-and-drop feature.

Best Tool to Convert PDF to PowerPoint[Top 8 & Genuine Tools]

Next, you shall need to select your format that can be either PPT or PPTX. Lastly, you need to initiate the PDF to PPT conversion process and after that, wait. There might be a case where you don’t want to dedicate a lot of time; in this case, you can facilitate your email address to the tool to know once the process of conversion is complete. It is a great tool and is also accessible online; it can also be used on any platform that supports from anywhere in the world.

iSkySoft PDF Editor 6 Professional

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 is handy and too easy to use PDF editor full of features. PDF to PPT conversion has not been an easy process, and also with all the offline software that we have, that will now be a walk in the park. With a wide variety of features, it can convert PDF files to several formats and vice versa. It is also a top and one of the best PDF to PPT or PPTX converter programs available.

Tool that makes your conversion easy

It is quite Different from other functioning tools; this tool will allow you to make additional changes to your PDF file before converting it into a PowerPoint presentation. All the changes include annotating, and then the highlighting sections need to be and the drawing of mark sign. If you want, you can also choose to have added extra text, watermark and could also add the specified background, and then you can make it more so that you shall not need to make any further changes in the final PPT file. Once you are okay with your end product file’s look, you will now be able to convert and save it in your preferred location.


WondersharePDFelement is the next name that we have on the list, and it is just amazing. It is excellent and, without a doubt, one of the best PDF to PPT converter by far we have. Also, It can convert PDF slides into PPT without compromising the original file quality. Not just this, Its accuracy can only not be compared to any other as it maintains its tables, hyperlinks, graphics, images, layout, original text, and on top of everything. It also preserves the formatting the same as it was previously original file as a PDF. Besides, it can also easily convert the PDFs files, which has protection from copying, editing, and even printing into fully editable PPT files, which is just great.


In case the PDF file has protection with a password, PDF TO PPTX conversion shall only take place only when you enter the right answer. That is the password. WondersharePDFelement delivers two types of conversion modes through which you can carry out the process. The first one is the batch mode here in this mode. It allows you to add up to 200 PDF files for converting simultaneously, and at the same time, the other part is a partial mode with the help of which you can select specific details needed from the selected PDF. You are going to feel empowered after using a great tool.

Foxit PhantomPDF Online

Last but not least, we have Foxit PhantomPDF Online. It is a fully-fledged PDF catering tool that caters to a lot of unique features. From editing, creating, and even converting of all the PDF files, Foxit PhantomPDF online has proved itself time and again to be the best in its work. It is also an excellent tool you use when you are required to convert the PDF to PPT files.

Best Tool Top 8 & Genuine Tools

The device works solely and wholly on the net. For this, you need to have a good and active internet connection. With which you do not need to get into any mishaps regarding uploads and downloading process extraordinary. Other than this, adding PDF files from the local PC. This tool has straightforward integrations of some of the most popular platforms for storage. Like Dropbox, OneDrive, and their very own Foxit Drive and also Google Drive, and it is fantastic. It also means that if you want to have saved your PDF files in these locations. Then you can also choose to send them without downloading the files. Above all, the output will be saved directly to to the place of birth. Please also note that this online tool requires you to sign in or sign up to access its services.

Final Words

Here we have tried to help you present with some of the best Tools to convert PDF to PowerPoint. We hope that you liked the information gives. If you think that there is something that we should have mentioned on this piece of writing, in particular. Do let us know about all the same in the comment section given below. It would just not help s but also the readers out there.

Do also drop your brutal transparent reviews about these tools to convert PDF to Powerpoint. And if you liked to share it with your friends and family too. Till then, what are you wasting your time on go and hop on the tools mentioned above? Happy Conversion J


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