Best Tools to Convert PDF to Text [100% Working Tools]

Best Tools to Convert PDF to Text [100% Working Tools]

PDF files do not carry any editing along with it. It means that if you wish to write something on pdf file then it won’t allow you to write or if you want to edit, delete or modify something then you won’t be able to do it. But don’t worry, don’t get annoyed because each and every problem has a solution so do this have. We have many tools that can convert the pdf file to a text file where you can easily perform your task and even can modify, write, edit, or delete anything anywhere.

This article deals with many tools to convert pdf to text in a very satisfying manner online or offline. And if you are a new user then don’t worry, we are here to guide you how to start with the program of conversion. Let’s discuss the tools to convert pdf files to text.

Best Tools to Convert PDF to Text

TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter is software with great accuracy and speed to convert PDF file to text file. It never disappoints its user when we talk about the conversion of a PDF file because it is highly reliable and versatile.

Best Tools to Convert PDF to Text [100% Working Tools]

This software comes for windows as free trial software but as soon as the customer likes the free version it upgrade to the premium version of it within no time and it also comes at a low cost.

Various benefits available with this tool are as follows:

  • Provides great accuracy and a high speed
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Saves time and gets the output fast.
  • It also implements batch conversion when we work with many files at a time.

Zamzar PDF to Text Converter

Zamzar is one of the best software to convert pdf files to text with its user-friendly interface and with only a few steps you would be able to get your text file and then you can save the file wherever you need to save it accordingly.

Zamzar PDF To Text

This tool comes with a special feature of a built-in OCR (Optical character recognition) tool. With this tool, you can convert more than 1000 files and it will never get cumbersome installations.


HiPDF to Text Converter

HiPdf tool is very easy to use the tool. It is considered to be one of the best tools to convert pdf files to text files and moreover it can be used offline or in an online mode where you can convert more files to text format.

HiPDF to Text

For the first time using this tool is a boon because it is very easy to use and it does not create any hassle and it also supports batch conversion where you need to work on many files. Last but not the least, with this tool you can add files directly for conversion without uploading from the computer.

Abbyy Finereader

Abbyy FineReader is the best tool to convert pdf to text because it has been proven that it is very simple and easy to use. It has Dropbox, google drive and one drive as the default integrated services apart from the normal method of uploading files from the local storage.

ABBYY FineReader

With this tool comes a unique and special feature that it supports about 200 languages where you can input the document according to your language and you will get the result accordingly. You can also combine various files into a single file with this tool.


Unlike other tools, the SimpleOCR tool is a free and fast tool to perform tasks and the important thing with this software is that it does not contain any limitation with it. However, a user can simply obtain this software by just downloading and installing free of cost.

Best Tools to Convert PDF to Text [100% Working Tools]

Moreover, this software gets rid of you out of retyping the text. However, you can also convert the scanned PDF file to a text file in less time. This software supports batch conversion where all files combined in a single file so you should not have to keep adding files one after the other.

UniPDF PDF to Text Converter

UniPDF PDF tool is a multi-lingual tool that supports major languages of the world speak however, it does not need any extra software to perform its task.


For the first time user, it’s very easy to use and it is user friendly, directing them to perform the steps one after the other. A user first can use the free trial version where he could check the performance and conversion of the file and if a user likes the tool then he can switch to the upgraded version where he can register himself for the fully upgraded version by paying some charges to obtain the services.

Google Docs

Google docs are one of the best tools to provide you the service to convert pdf file to text file very easily and conveniently and it also provides accuracy with the speed and performance of the extraction of the file within no time or less time and moreover, this tool becomes better than any tool because it does not ask its customer for money.

Google Docs

With this tool, a consumer only requires a document or file to convert, a browser, and a good speed internet connection so that a user can upload the file and it gets even better because the file gets opened directly online without storing it on the local computer. Last but not the least, this tool is a platform-oriented tool, which means that it works with any operating system.


PDFelement is a tool that works on any operating system and it comes in a free version and also a paid version. A user first can use a free trial version to get aware of the performance of the tool and can also have a look at the conversion.

PDFelement Homepage

This tool converts the pdf file to multiple formats very easily and it is very rich in editing the file in no time, it has a security built-in feature along with it. This tool supports batch processing where you can blend your multiple files in a single file. A user feels like as he is playing with a toy and having fun playing with it. Its affordable quality makes it very better and its money-back guarantee feature makes it something unique from the other tools.

Apart from these advantages, this tool consists of a disadvantage of the limitation of its standard version which means it does not have a built-in OCR.


ILovePDF, as the name suggests, a user would love to perform the conversion of a pdf file to a text file with its free version as well as with its paid version.

iLovePDF HomePage

This tool works with any operating system and also with any online version also. This tool helps to share the converted files easily and this tool becomes precise and reliable because its premium version comes without ads and also a user can access it through their mobile by just simply installing the application on your mobile.

When there are merits, there exist demerits also and so this tool has. The free version of this tool contains lots of ads and also has some restrictions while performing the conversion.


PDF2DOC consists of a user-friendly user interface where a user would not any problem converting its file and they also do not require any computer system only to perform their task, however, it also supports mobile devices applications too to convert pdf file to text.

PDF2DOC Homepage

This tool maintains its originality like pdf text, fonts, and layout and bitmap images. You can convert more than 20 files at a time and with this tool you get the benefit to download one file at a time or all files at once in ZIP format. This tool only comes in a free version and it contains some cons with it ie it contains a lot of ads and it does not work on any operating system, however, it only works on the online version.


As it has a name so do the task, this tool works very fast and quickly because it works only on the online version.

Online2PDF HomePage

And it converts the pdf file to any text file not only in one language but more than 6 languages and this tool performs conversion by just simply converting pdf to the text which means a user does not require to download a file on the local computer. This tool supports bulk conversions where a user can convert many files at one time.

A user has to face a problem with this tool is that it contains a lot of ads and the interface is not user friendly.


Smallpdf is a tool that works with mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It is available in three versions where a user has a choice of his to which he would like to work.

Best Tools to Convert PDF to Text [100% Working Tools]

It comes in a free version and two paid versions. This tool becomes somewhat different from the other tools because it is a browser-based software where you can convert pdf files to text format or in any other format. This tool has a user-friendly interface that guides its user to perform the task accordingly.



To conclude I recommend adobe acrobat converter which is the real converter that enables us to handle all the converting files and edited files. This tool becomes entirely different from the other tool by its special password enabled feature that helps to protect the file and settings of the file to perform editing and copying. This software works on Mac and Windows operating system and however, a user might get somewhat disappointed with its paid version but it is the best tool I must say. Last but not the least, this tool is the market leader and real converter with its special features associated with it. However, apart from its pros it also consists of a con and that is its paid subscription is highly necessary for each and every user if he wants to avail the benefit of this tool.

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