How to Convert YouTube to WAV


YouTube is one of the most popular and widely used online video streaming platform. One of the biggest reason behind its popularity and a huge user-base and content base is because it is a Google product. You will be amazed that nowadays, mostly people search on YouTube instead they Google for something. YouTube is the biggest platform that consists of amazing range of knowledge videos, songs, TV shows, movies, web series, cartoon, anime, kid, Tech shows, news channels, fashion, health and the list is endless.

Today’s what you are thinking about there are eighty-five to night percentage chances that you will find videos on YouTube describing about the topic or other aspects. There are hundreds of YouTube who create and upload their videos on their YouTube channel and earn money by the advertisements displayed on their video. Even, any music track from any industry first releases on YouTube not movies (Of Course!). Many new singers, artists, music bands, tech channels etc. got popular and won a place in the heart of people by creating a genuine content on YouTube.

Right now, Today’s topic is how you can convert a file downloaded from YouTube to WAV format. As of now, YouTube doesn’t allow you to download files in WAV format. WAV format is one of the oldest and best audio format for amateur content creators. WAV format is also regarded as the standard audio format. On the other side, YouTube on mobile app doesn’t allow you to download only music tracks. Officially, you can download sound-only videos from YouTube and the files can’t be accessed outside of YouTube.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Downloading

As we all know that you can steam videos and movies on YouTube in various video qualities. Now, you can also stream YouTube videos in 4K. Apart from that you can stream videos on YouTube in 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p etc. YouTube also allows users to download videos in various videos quality for offline viewing. Here, the thing to keep in mind is that not only the video quality, the sound quality also differs in various formats. The difference can be measured in bit rates. The video with 720p will have better sound quality i.e. better audio bit rate then 240p video. Overall, we can say that you usual go with video quality of at least 480p resolution while downloading sound-only video through YouTube.

Another tip is that listen to the video sound-only video on YouTube before downloading. In some, the sound quality may not by good even in high video resolution. Thus, downloading that audio file will be waste of energy and time.

How to Check the Bit Rate of An Audio File?

Of course! Everyone must be aware about it. Checking it is not a hard work to do. Simply, right click on the audio file. Now, click on the option called Properties. Under the Properties window, click on Details tab. Here, under the Audio section, you can see Bit Rate. The Bit Rate will be available in kbps unit.

Convert YouTube to WAV

Downloading a YouTube video in an WAV audio format is not a big deal at all. Once you have the idea then you can flawlessly convert files as many as you can. There are many online websites are available that claim to convert YouTube files into WAV format. However, most of them are full of bugs and malware. On the other side of the coin, there are some websites are also available that performs the job very well. Below, we have featured top 3 best websites to convey YouTube video into WAV format.

1. YouTube-To-WAV

YouTube-To-WAV is one of the best online website that can be used to directly download YouTube videos into WAV audio format. The best thing about YouTube-To-WAV is that you can download the file in best Bit Rates suitable and even perfect for content creation. You just have to head over to their WAV page then paste the URL into the bar of WAV Page.

Now, hit the download button and the download will begin. That’s it. The only drawback with YouTube-To-WAV website is that it is not available in English language. Don’t worry at all! You can hit the Translate button in Google Chrome and the webpage will be displayed in English.

2. OnlineVideoConverter

oneline video converter

Second, we have OnlineVideoConverter. This website perfectly does its job as per its name. OnlineVideoConverter let users Convert any YouTube file into an audio format like WAV, AAC, MP3 and also the video formats like MPV, MP4, MOV and more. The user-interface of this website is user-friendly and it stands as the best website to convert YouTube videos into WAV format.

The only drawback with OnlineVideoConverter is advertisements. You will see a huge bombardment of advertisements. Thus, it is requested to use an add blocker.

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3. SaveClipBro

SaveClipBro is an ideal website that can be used to download YouTube videos into various audio and video formats. We tested it and the result was 25 MB of audio file was returned with Bit Rate of 1411kbps. Thus, SaveClipBro is an ideal YouTube to WAV format converter websites here in the list. The interface is good enough to use and the best part is that it quickly converts the file into WAV format. You must give SaveClipBro a try.

Not only online websites, there are desktop applications are also available that let you convert YouTube videos or any video file into WAV or any other audio format. However, most of the converter applications available are just bucket of malware. Still, there are some best option available out there. Some desktop applications namely Any Video Converter Free and KeepVidPro are best for converting YouTube videos into WAV format.

Which one is the best?

The answer is really straightforward. We have briefly discussed the whole procedure, aspects and concerns. Everyone has its own choice and depending on your usage you have to yourself opt for best service. If you are a heavy YouTube to video converter then nothing is best for you than desktop applications as they let perform conversion even offline. However, if you are an occasionally converter then you should never look more than online websites.

Make sure to comment below your favorite means to convert YouTube videos into WAV format and also let us know if you have any questions.

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