Get COVID-19 Alerts On Your Phone


Coronavirus is all over the news. Starting from social media platforms, like WhatsApp or Facebook to news channels, coronavirus is the only thing you’ll all get to see. COVID-19 or  Corona Virus Disease 2019 is now a pandemic, making professionals work from home and everyone to stay at their home. Government all over the world has announced lockdown as the virus started to spread. Don’t have time to watch the news channels due to your busy schedule? No worries, get all COVID-19 alerts on your phone.

Sources, such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp to provide the latest and authentic news related to coronavirus. According to reports, WHO is going to launch an iOS and Android app for keeping users updated and to help prevent the spread of fake news, as spreading of fake news in such a feared situation can make everything even worse.

Twitter To Send COVID-19 Updates To Users:

Twitter is the best option to learn what is going on. Twitter is all set to give you information on coronavirus. You can also turn on their emergency and crisis alerts. To enable this feature, go to notification settings on Twitter and select notification. Select SMS Notifications then Crisis and Emergency Alerts.

You can also get news from Twitter accounts. Make sure you follow the official accounts only. Follow the accounts from where you want to get the latest alerts, click on the Bell Icon next to it and select ‘All Tweets’.


Google Alerts:

When any updates come about coronavirus, Google will show it up in your Google search. To enable this feature, go to Gooogle Alerts and enter the topics you want to follow. Change the settings as per your preferences and click Create Alert. You can change your preferences later also.

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Apple Alerts:

If you are an Apple iPhone or smartwatch user, Apple has recent alerts for you also. You will get all sorts of alerts, Government updates, and safety alerts on your phone.

Not only Google, Twitter, and Apple, but WhatsApp is also going to launch a feature that will give you all authentic alerts of this virus outbreak. You will also get expert suggestions.

Facebook has also decided to put all the latest information on top of the user’s newsfeed.

WHO(World Health Organization) has organized an app, named WHO MyHealth. You can install this app on your Android or iPhone.

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