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Want to create .edu student email ID? Yes! Then you have landed on the right article. Below, we have featured the complete guide to create free edu student email ID. If you are a student and studying in a college then you must have a .edu student email ID. This .edu email ID offers great number of benefits.

However, if you have not created a .edu student email ID yet then you can follow below guide to check out the benefits associated with .edu student email ID and follow and execute below listed complete guide to generate .edu student email ID. Just make sure to give this article a complete reading to not miss any important information and updates.

Why You Need a .edu Email Account?

There are a number of benefits associated with having a .edu email. Below, are some of the best benefits you get by having a .edu Email Account:-

Amazon Student Pack

We all use to online shop on Amazon. Hopefully, Amazon offers some best services for its users. Once, you got a .edu email then simply sign up for Amazon Student account then you will be able to use Amazon for six months. Here are some best benefits of it:

1. Unlimited streaming of Amazon value added services like Music, TV Shows and Movies.

2. Unlimited cloud storage of photos with Amazon Prime Photos.

3. Free Two day shipping on buying Amazon products.

4. Exciting offers and exclusive deals for students.

Newegg Premier

Using your student .edu email account, sign up for Newegg Premier Account. Get one year of Newegg Premier service that will cost you around $50.

Microsoft DeamSpark

Get free subscription for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft DeamSpark with plenty of features and softwares.

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GitHub Student Developer Pack

One of the best and biggest benefit of having a student .edu Email Account is getting GitHub Student Developer Pack for completely free. GitHub Student Developer pack offers some great offers and free services such as $50 Digital Ocean coupon, $15 Amazon AWS coupon and much more. Below, we have 12 of the best offers that comes with GutHub Student Developer Pack:-

1. Bitnami: Here you get the Business 3 plan for one year. It costs around $49 per month.

2. DNSimple: Features the Personal hosted DNS plan for two years. It costs $5 per month.

3. GitHub: Here you get unlimited private repositories. Typically, GitHub charges around $7 per month.

4. Visual Studio Community, Microsoft Azure and other bunch of Microsoft Developer tools. It is a complete pack of Microsoft Azure cloud services and developer tools.

5. The Orchestrate Developer account that costs $49 per month. It includes geolocation, search, time-series events, and graph queries through an API and more.

6. Get hands on Private builds that charge you $69 per month on Travis CI.

7. Free $15 Amazon AWS coupon.

8. Easy access to the Crowdflower.

9. Get live programming help that supports 24/7 through $25 credit of HackHands.

10. SSL certificate that costs $10 per year for one year and ME domain name registration that costs $18.99 per year for one year through

11. 15000 free emails per month through SendGrid.

12. For one year $50 Digital Ocean coupon.

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Six months LastPass premium account for students with .edu email address.


Apple also offers some benefits for students with .edu email account. You can save up to $200 on Apple computers.

Steps to Create .Edu Student Email Account

1. First of all click here.

2. Now, a Captcha will appear. Fill the CAPTCHA code accurately and correctly into the required field.

3. Next, click on New User Registration.

4. Now, sign up using your email id.

5. If you are a citizen of United States then you can use your real name and email. However, if you are not the citizen of US then you have to generate fake user details. You can create fake user details by clicking on the link.

6. Now, note down the name, username and password for later use.

7. Once, you had filled all the required fields, click on Submit option.

8. Here, you have successfully created account.

9. Now login using your created Account.

10. Hit apply now button.

11. Here, select your college from the list of Colleges shown.

12. Now, it will ask you different questions. You have to answer the questions. You can also follow the next steps to fill the details.

13. Fill up your name that you have used to create the account.

14. Now fill up Social Security Number and Birthdate that you have generated and used above.

15. Here, select the gender male or female.

16. Fill up White in Racial or ethnic identification.

17. Fill No in Hispanico or Latino.

18. Next, fill No in Have you ever applied, attended.

19. Now, click on Save then click on Continue.

20. Next, fill up the mailing address generated using this link.

21. Enter Yes in Is this your permanent address.

22. You can leave the telephone number blank.

23. Next, check I have Reviewed the guidelines box.

24. Next click on Save then click on Continue.

25. In high school education field you can select I don’t have a GED/High …….

26. Fill 01/2017 in Last date attended.

27. Fill 11th grade in the Highest grade completed field.

28. Now, fill up No in Have you ever attended and I have planned to earn a degree….

29. You can choose any option in I plan to start class

30. Same as, fill few upcoming required fields then click on Save then click on Continue

31. Once done. Submit your application.

32. Now, you have to fill up your signature.

33. Now, under the student information, you will get username and temporary password. Simply note down all the details.

34. Once done, click HERE then login to get your .edu student email ID.

35. It may take up to 6 hours to active your login credentials. Wait for few hours.

36. Voila! You have successfully created .edu student email ID.

Final Words

Here, we have featured the best and complete method to create free .edu email ID very easily with easy to follow and execute steps. Comment below if you know any other best .edu student email ID generation method that must be listed here. Also, let us know if you have face any problems while executing anyone of the following method.

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