Delete Facebook or Quit the Indian Army: Delhi High Court


INTRO: You probably recall that just a few days after the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps in the country, the Indian Army followed up and ordered army personnel to remove 89 apps from their smartphones. These apps include apps like Facebook, and Tinder, also games like PUBG Mobile.

Turns out, a politician of the Indian Army challenged the orders. According to him, deleting his Facebook account will end in the permanent loss of his data including his contacts on the social media platform. However, a bench of Justices Rajiv Sahai Endlaw and Asha Menon outrightly dismissed his plea.

“No. No. Sorry. Please delete it. You can always create a new one. It cannot work like this. You are part of an organization. You have to abide by its mandate” said the bench.
Further, the bench added that if he wasn’t okay with deleting his Facebook account, he can resign from the forces entirely. “If you’re so dear to FB, then put in your papers. See you’ve got to form a choice, what does one want to try to to. You have other choices which also are irreversible.” it said.

The court has set the next hearing date for July 21. The challenge against the Indian Army’s mandate is that the organization can’t make such a choice. The officer and his lawyer are claiming that such a mandate goes against the elemental rights of soldiers, including their freedom of speech and expression

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