How to Delete Message for Everyone After 7 Minutes in WhatsApp

Delete Message for everyone after 7 minutes in WhatsApp

We all use WhatsApp a lot because of its sophistication, the way it feels and handy features. One of the feature from recent update by WhatsApp is, you can now Delete message for everyone, for any reasons like wrong message or something. Well, you are thinking we all know that but wait, you can’t delete the same message after 7 minutes.

Well, today we are going to share a pretty simple trick which will help you yo delete WhatsApp messages even after 7 days. So, with that being said, let’s get started.

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Delete Message For Everyone After 7 Minutes in WhatsApp!

So, in order to do so you need to follow below steps.

  • Before you start, turn off mobile data, WiFi or enable Airplane mode.
  • Now, head over to the Settings.
  • Go to Apps > WhatsApp > Force Stop.
  • Once you done, clean all apps in memory and head over to the settings once again.
  • Disable automatic date & time update.
  • Now, change the time to the time you want to delete message off and you’re pretty much done.
  • Open Whatsapp, head over to the chat, hit on Delete then choose deleted for everyone.
  • Once done! Disable Airplane mode or Enable data connection, then fix the time settings as automatic date & time and you’re done.

So, that’s how you can Delete message for everyone after 7 minutes in WhatsApp. Actually, this is a bug WhatsApp will fix soon but you can get advantage of this till they fixes it. So, go ahead and use this trick to Delete Message for everyone after 7 minutes in WhatsApp.

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