What is System 32 And Is deleting System 32 Safe?

deleting System 32

The System 32 directory was not chosen for that prank at random: it is an essential Microsoft Windows system directory that contains system files as well as program files that allow your OS and apps to operate properly. Is deleting system 32 a safe job and should you do it?

System 32 is a part of every Windows OS since Windows 2000, DLL (Dynamic Link Library), EXE (executable), Registry and SYS files being the most common items that can be found inside this folder. Even 64-bit computers have this directory for backward compatibility purposes.

System 32 is mainly associated with Microsoft Windows errors. Indeed, should any of its contents go missing, corrupt, or infected, your system will struggle to run the way it is supposed to. Till now you must have guess that deleting system 32 is a pretty bad idea.

deleting System 32

If you remove the System32 directory, multiple system errors will spring up and your Windows 10 may even fail to boot properly. The only way out will be to reinstall your OS. However, you will lose all your personal files and apps, which is not a desirable course of events at all.

The problem is, tricking people into deleting System32 has been a popular prank since the early 2000s. It keeps circulating online, and those who promote it claim that removing the System32 directory will make your PC work much faster. Obviously, that’s a lie. So, make sure not to fall into this trap. If someone tries to convince you to wipe out System32, you should know this person wants to make fun of you – you know, some people have quite a twisted sense of humor.

But keep in mind, System 32 is always triggered by malware. On top of that, you can even get an error message persuading you to deleting System32 directory to purge your PC of malware. By all means, you should resist this provocation: deleting a system folder will complicate matters even further.

In a situation like this, you should run a full scan of your computer. For this purpose, you can utilize the built-in Windows security suite – Windows Defender:

  1. Click on the Windows logo icon on your Taskbar.
  2. The Start menu will show up. Navigate to the Settings gear and click on it.
  3. Then go to Update & Security and click Windows Defender.
  4. On the Windows Defender screen, click Open Windows Defender.
  5. In Windows Defender Security Center, go to the left pane and click the shield icon.
  6. Click on the Advanced scan link and select a Full scan.
  7. deleting System 32


Deleting your system 32 will lead your windows to fall apart. This folder contains an essential folder as well as booting information. Under no circumstances should you give in to the provocation of jokers or malware: missing System32 will cause you nothing but trouble. Know more about System 32? Do share it with us.

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