Delhi Metro Introduces New Smart Card with Auto-Recharge Feature


INTRO: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought the Delhi Metro to a standstill. It hasn’t been operational for nearly five months. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is, however, working behind the scenes on new ways to market contactless and cashless travel once the metro is functional once more. It has unveiled a replacement sort of open-end credit today, which can offer an auto top-up feature to commuters.

DMRC Collaborated With AutoPe To Bring Zero Human Intervention” card

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has partnered with AutoPe to introduce a “Zero Human Intervention” card. This means you’ll not got to substitute long queue to urge your metro card recharged when its balance is running low. You can use the AutoPe app (or website) with this open-end credit to line up the auto-debit facility.

Delhi Metro Introduces New Smart Card with Auto-Recharge Feature ...

Now, whenever you scan the open-end credit at the entry gate (or the AFC, Automatic Fare Collection gate) of the Delhi Metro stations and therefore the balance goes below Rs. 100, your card will automatically be recharged by Rs. 200 for uninterrupted journeys. The AutoPe app allows you to link the cardboard to a bank account/ mastercard or UPI.

“This new feature empowers a commuter to urge his/her open-end credit auto topped up at AFC (entry) gates across the network which can help him/her to possess seamless travel without worrying about top-up from time to time,” said Dr. Mangu Singh, Managing Director, DMRC.

How to Get Delhi Metro open-end credit with Auto Top-up Feature?

Though the Delhi Metro has not been operational since the primary nationwide lockdown in late-March earlier this year, DMRC is gearing up to form travel safe and contactless for citizens.

DMRC will start offering these smart cards when the metro re-opens but until then, if you’re someone who wants to prepare before time, you’ll get the “Zero Human Intervention” card home-delivered. Head to the present link to find out more and apply for this new open-end credit. This card won’t replace the prevailing cards in circulation, meaning you don’t get to get a replacement card and may use the present one you own to travel via Delhi Metro. It won’t allow auto-recharge though.

Once your open-end credit is home-delivered, you would like to download the AutoPe app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. You then got to register your metro card and found out the auto-debit, which should be a one-time exercise. This whole process also can be administered on AutoPe’s website.

AutoPe will charge a nominal convenience fee (a maximum of 1%) for every transaction from the purchasers. It also provides a card customization facility and a 5% discount on each top-up, which might be beneficial for normal commuters in Delhi Metro.

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