Discord Sees Record-High Downloads, Thanks to the Growing Popularity of Among Us


INTRO: When it involves voice-over IP (VoIP) apps, Discord has become a well-liked name within the market. Now, a layman won’t know or have any use of Discord, however, it’s pretty popular amongst gamers and streamers because it helps them to seamlessly connect with each other during gaming sessions. Now, consistent with recent reports, the mobile apps of the software are hitting all-time high downloads within the Play Store and therefore the App Store, because of a newly-popular video game.

As per a recent report by Apptopia analyst, Adam Blacker, the growing popularity of the cross-platform indie game, Among Us has pushed Discord’s mobile apps to hit all-time high downloads. The Innersloth-published game has become one among the “hottest” games on mobile immediately , as per Blacker.

The game is all about team play and finding the ‘imposter’ hiding within the group. Here, you’re during a spaceship with up to 10 crewmates. However, among the crewmates, there’s a particular someone who is trying to ruin their tasks and kill the members.

Now, whenever someone finds a body within the spaceship, there’s an “emergency meeting” with the team members. In this scenario, you’ve got to debate an equivalent together with your teammates, either vocally or via texts, to single out the killer.

Most players usually find it convenient to collect friends and discuss the killings over VoIP apps and this is often the first reason for Discord’s download boom. “Discord has been hitting a replacement lifetime high for mobile app downloads a day since September 5th,” Blacker wrote in his report.

According to the chart below, the app was downloaded 800,000 times per day since the sport , Among Us, began to devour steam among users.

Discord downloads all time high chart

Blacker says that the US is that the largest marketplace for both the computer game and therefore the VoIP app and is liable for 18.8% of all Among Us’ downloads and 21.5% of Discord’s downloads.

Apart from the celebrity from Among Us’ popularity, Discord also recently added one among the foremost useful features in its mobile apps.

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