Paytm Mall & Bazaar New App Launched Today: Online Shopping Portal

Download Paytm Mall & Bazaar App

Download Paytm Mall & Bazaar App; New app by Paytm. Paytm is now glad to have 200 million wallets in all over India. Now, Paytm is expecting 500 million wallet users from the of 2020. It would be something really revolutionary, if they cross that unbelievable benchmark. Looking at the present scenarios, they are really growing immensely after demonetisation. Today, they have announced a another shopping platform for their users with 1,40,000 sellers named “Paytm Mall & Bazaar“.

Paytm claimed that there’s 899.11 crore rupees available in users wallet. Also, having 106.8 million wallets with money or with a card saved. It’s an amazing time from them to be glad on their services.

Download Paytm Mall & Bazaar For Android & IOS

Paytm Mall, which is announced today by the Paytm, having 68 million products from all categories including fashion, electronics,etc. with around 1,40,000 sellers. At present, the application is only available for Android users.

To download this application, follow these steps.

  • Go to this link of Google Play Store.
  • Click Install on “Paytm Mall & Bazaar App Page”.
  • Wait till it installed.
  • After that, just launch the application, choose your language and get started by logging in to the app.

How to Login into Paytm Mall & Bazaar App?

You don’t need to create an another account to use this application. You can login with the same email ID & Password, you use to log in at Paytm app.

The app interface is pretty similar to the main application of Paytm and quite easy to use. Having offers section on the top and even a lot more features.

Why to Download Paytm Mall & Bazaar App?

If you’re contemplating that there’s Paytm MahaBazaar already available for shopping through Paytm then why need to download this new application.

Well, this application is mainly focused towards FMCG products, electronics and apparel from domestic and international brands. While the Paytm app have high value products such as home-furnishing.

What Paytm said about their new app, Paytm Mall & Bazaar

Saurabh Vashishtha, vice-president, Paytm said,

We have defined quality criteria for sellers and are building strict controls over warehousing and shipping for products sold on Paytm Mall. Consumers would continue to get the largest assortment of domestic and international products through Paytm Bazaar, which will also be featured on the new app.

It would be really a good shopping experience for you, you get new products to see but will not get a new interface.

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