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Interested about flash games? Want to play flash games offline? Yes! Then right now, you are the best place to get your hands over flash games. You don’t need a separate console or a different hardware to play flash games. They are the simplest one and the best boring time killer games can try. You can also play games offline by downloading them using SWF Downloader.

Below, we have discussed the complete guide to download flash games and surplus, also mentioned the list of top 5 best flash games you can try. Thus, make sure to give a complete reading to the below article to not miss any relevant information and important updates.

Steps to Download Flash Games

1. First of all, open the Flash games on your chrome browser.

2. Wait for a few moments. Let it load completely.

3. Then head over to Settings> More Tools.

4. Now, click on Developer Tools.

5. In the pop-out menu, click on the cursor icon.

6. Here, you have to click on flash game’s window.

7. The game’s code will be copied in the pop-up.

8. Here, choose the SWF link and open in new tab.

9. The download will begin.

10. Once done, in order to run SWF file you will need a SWF game downloader.

You can also try various SWF game downloader as there are many options available on the internet. Below, we have mentioned some best SWF game downloaders to download flash games.

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The List of Top 5 Best Flash Games You can Try

We hope you understood the whole method to download flash games. Flash games can be downloaded very easily by following and executing the above guide. But, the question is which flash games you can try. If you are just beginning. Don’t worry! Below, we have featured the list of top 5 best flash games you can try.

1. Aether

Here, the list begins with Aether. This is the best Adventure flash game you can try. It is available for completely free. Aether can be downloaded using SWF downloader online. The gameplay is interesting and easy to understand even for the first time beginner. You adventure through different planets and solve challenging puzzles. Once solved, they will be restored from their monochrome version to colored version.

In the game, you play as the character of a boy and an optcus like fairy-tale looking character. Both the visuals and soundtracks are good enough to make you amazed and fall in love with space adventure games like Aether. When you get your hands over it then you will find that Aether is very different from other Space adventure genre games.

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2. The Room

We are very glad to list, The Room like flash game in this list. This game is based on the movie of same name — The Room. Graphics of 16-bit style are used by this flash game. The Room game is popularly known as The Room Tribute. This one also falls in the genre of adventure flash games. Here, you play the character of Johnny. You will never bored while playing the game as there are different levels to complete. Each level begins with the start of a day.

The gameplay is interesting enough that even you will forget to drink water. In the whole day, Johnny has to complete various tasks. Beginning with taking a bath, the days end with falling sleep. The plot of the game draws the city of San Francisco. You can download this flash game by following and executing the above discussed download method.

3. Corpse Craft: Incident at Weardd Academy

Next in this list, we have Corpse Craft: Incident at Weardd Academy. Here you have to solve various challenging puzzles and begin with real time strategy. Only the first eight levels of the game are free to play. If you liked the game then you can move forward by paying $1 to unlock further levels. You can download this game by following and executing the above guide.

Corpse Craft comes with both single and multiplayer game modes. In the game, you create hardcore zombies that are strong enough to destroy enemies shed. Apart from that you collect resources from the bottom side of the screen. There are different tasks are available in the game to complete. The game is the best enough to cut down your boring time.

4. Canabalt

Canabalt is our another best flash game from the running genre. Here, you have to control a man trying to escape from an unmentioned threat. Not only the unnamed threat, be aware from colliding from different objects. Apart from that you also have to face timely bombing. Simply ditch the bombing and move forward with the direction. The gameplay is good enough to scatter down the boring time.

This game begins with player jumping from the window of his office then begin running in the forward direction. There is only a specific single button assigned that can be used to jump the character from one building up another building. Never fall down to score higher run. You can play this game for hours of hours. This game can be downloaded using the above discussed guide.

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5. Machinarium

The last in this list but not the least, we have Machinarium as another best flash game you can try. If you have plenty of free time then this game is for you. Once you sticked with it then you will find yourself fully emerged in its mind-blowing puzzles. This game only comes in single player mode. You have to move forward with puzzles embedded adventure. You move forward once you solve a tricky puzzle.

The graphics of the game are good enough that you can enjoy. There are no dialogues in the game. The instructions are being managed in thought clouds. If you stuck at any level then you can use the hint to beat the heat. This is a must try game in this list of best flash games.

Flash Games: Scenario

The main thing is that you can very easily download and play flash games. Flash games are good enough to carry out the boring time. There are various flash games are available out there. Based on our research and self tried, we have mentioned top 5 best flash games you can try. If you are just beginning enough then this guide is the best gift for you. Above, we have discussed the guide to download flash games. Just follow and execute the guide accurately to get results. Make sure to share this article with your friends. Comment below if you have any questions.

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