Download Psiphon 3 Latest Version for PC and Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Here, we are back again friends with another great guide that how easily ans quickly you can download and install Psiphon 3 latest version on your Windows 7/ 8/ 10. Psiphon 3 is one of the best Virtual Private Network tool available out there for Windows platform. One of the best thing about Psiphon 3 is that it is available to download for completely free. Users do not need to pay a single penny in order to download or install Psiphon 3 on their Windows 7/8/10 PC.

There are thousands of websites are available on the internet that can be used to get complete knowledge about any topic. Still, there are some websites also exist that got banned in some countries or in a particular country or region due to some issues. Those who want to access these websites know how to access them and that is possible by using a VPN Tool. You may also like FMWhatsapp apk.

So, what VPN Tools do? Which is the best VPN Tool to try on Windows 7/ 8/ 10 PC? There might be some questions are arising in your mind. Today, you will get all answers to your queries and all your doubts will be got cleared. Just make sure to read the below article completely with patience to not miss any important information.

What is VPN?


In very simple words, VPN is Virtual Private Network that is used to access a banned content or website in a particular country. Basically, your IP address get replaced with some other IP address if different country and your country code also get replaced. That’s why, VPN are also used to make a secure connection between the server and the end user because once your IP address gets replaced, you are not able to trace by your service provider or any other third party.

There are a good number of VPN Tools available for almost all popular operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and more but most of the genuine VPN Tools available out there are paid. They offer free trial time period and once it is completed then you will need to pay in order to continue to the service.

Why You Need to Use Psiphon 3?

As, we already said, most of the genuine VPN Tools available out there are paid. Still, we have a genuine Virtual Private Network tool which is completely free to download and install. Interested users can also use the Psiphon 3 for completely free. That’s why Psiphon 3 is going viral nowadays among users.

If you are not able to access a website because it is banned in your country then you can use Psiphon 3 on your Windows PC to get access to the website. Even, if you are really concerned about your privacy and security then use a VPN Tool like Psiphon 3 is the best way you can follow.

Features of Psiphon 3

Psiphon 3 offers a clean and decent interface that makes it a user-friendly application software to use. Below, we are going up discuss some great features that you will get with Psiphon 3:-

1. No limitations within the app for use.

2. Configurable server location.

3. You can also review the whole data history in the statistics within the Psiphon 3.

4. You can use this application for completely free but if you want to get advanced features than you can go for the premium version of the app.

5. No registration required. You don’t need to register yourself to use the app.

6. Great option for those who are really concerned about their privacy and security.

7. You can enable license as well.

8. Psiphon 3 is an open source project.

9. Multiple language support.

10. Offers great features then other VPN application software available out there.

11. Performance enhanced and greater stability.

12. And much more. Explore yourself.

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Download Psiphon 3 Latest Version on Windows 7/8/10

Here, you can download Psiphon 3 application software in your Windows 7/ 8/ 10 PC. Downloading Psiphon 3 on your Windows PC is one of the easiest work to do. Just make sure to have a good working internet connection to enjoy fluent download. Moreover, Psiphon 3 is a very lightweight software. It has a size of around 5.1 MB. You can download Psiphon 3 app from below download link.

Download Psiphon 3 app on your Windows 7/ 8/ 10 PC

If you are interested then you can also use other versions of Psiphon 3. You can download them from below link.

How to Install Psiphon 3 app on your Windows PC?

1. First of all, Download the Psiphon 3 app on Windows PC from above provided download link.

2. Let the Download complete.

3. Once, the download is completed, simply, double-click on the downloaded .exe file.

4. Now, click on the Run button.

5. Here, the application will be installed in your Windows PC.

6. Once, the installation is complete, open the app.

7. Here, the program will automatically start to connect to your server.

8. Now, a spinning icon will be displayed on the screen.

9. Here, three options will appear next to the spinning icon.

10. The first option is VPN Mode that can be used to change your IP address and for privacy and security purpose.

11. The second option, SSH+ automatically setup window system proxy settings. It also supports configuration of the browser.

12. The third option, basically opens another tunnel option during tunneled international traffic.

13. The fourth option, Don’t proxy domestic websites notifies unproxy domains.

14. That’s it. You have done.

15. Congrats! You have successfully downloaded and installed Psiphon 3 on your Windows 7/8/10 PC.

Is it Safe to Use Psiphon 3 on Your Windows PC?

Yes! It is completely safe to use Psiphon 3 application software in your Windows PC. You don’t need to worry at all. This app is completely secure and safe to use. Personally, I am also using Psiphon 3 application software in my Windows PC.

Wrapping Up

Above, we have featured the easiest and quickest way to download and install Psiphon 3 on your Windows 7/ 8/ 10. Comment below if you face any problem while downloading or installing Psiphon 3 on your Windows 7/ 8/ 10 and don’t forget to mention below if you are aware of any other best VPN Tool for Windows platform which must be discussed here.

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