How to Download YouTube Videos & Music for Android Free


Downloading videos from YouTube and social media sites such as Facebook sound little weird due to lack of genuine applications. Today, we are going to talk about best YouTube and music downloader app; InsTube. It is kind of all in one destination for videos and music as well.

You can download YouTube videos for free in full HD and even mp3. Also, you can download music from Soundcloud which is a great thing as SoundCloud has the collection of best artists in this world.

InsTube has optimised well for Android and serves you maximum download speed to download videos as fast as possible. It has minimal look (Easy to use interface) and support for multiple tasks at a time.

A video locker is also inside the application which will help you to hide videos from unwanted person. You need to set a 4 digit passcode and your personal videos are protected with that. This proves the app is made by keeping privacy in mind. Let’s begin.

Best YouTube Video Downloader for Android (Free)

There’s no dearth of alternatives but the simplicity and easiness makes this application, way to go choice for everyone.

If you’re using any online YouTube video downloader then you may have to be dependent on the browser you have, right? But with this application called InsTube, you are free from that and the app is coded very well and well optimised to provide maximum download speed.

Below is the Interface of this application.

Best YouTube Video Downloader For Android

Until now, we discussed about YouTube and SoundCloud a little bit. Remember, Facebook videos are also going viral these days and we also want to save some of the cool videos from Facebook to our phone. And yes, this application has support for that. You can even download Facebook and Twitter videos within this application and there would be no such cost for that.

As mentioned earlier, InsTube is a free app. Yes, it does contain ads but that is worth it, considering the features it provides.

How to Download YouTube Videos Free from InsTube?

You may be wondering, how to use this application; Pretty easy! Just copy paste the link of video you want to download in the search bar and hit on that floating red icon placed in bottom right side. It will resolve the URL, now choose the quality and you are good to go.

Let me show for reference.

how to download YouTube videos for free

It’s that easy to use. Also, when you copy any link from YouTube, it will show a notification in notification bar to download that, just click there, choose quality and boom! Nothing seems to be easier and faster than InsTube.

How to Download Music Free for Android from InsTube?

Who not love listening to music? There is tons of application available which will let you listen to high quality music and songs for free but with lack of the download option.

With this application called InsTube, you can download music from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and any other social media site which exists for free while streaming.

This app even allows you to listen music online and if you like that to be in your phone, just hit on the download button to save.

Downloading music is also pretty easy, firstly you need to search then hit on the red floating button and you’re good to go.

how to download music for free on Android

This is how you deal with music streaming sites and if you want to download music from YouTube. Just go ahead and copy the link of the music video you love to have in your phone and paste it in InsTube. Hit on the red floating download button and choose mp3 in downloading option and you have that.

Wrapping Up, Is InsTube Best YouTube Video & Music Downloader App?

For me, of course it is. It does provide all those necessary features from music to video and YouTube to Facebook.

Personally, I was little annoyed with the amount of ads but you can sustain that considering the amount of features it has.

It provides support for music download, video download in 1080p, video lock for privacy and what else can you expect with such as small size application.

For now, it is limited to Android, so if you’re an Android User, use the links below to download this application.

Download InsTube Here

Link 2 | Link 3 (In case above is not working).


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