10 Best Dreamcast Emulators for Windows


Ever played games on Dreamcast console? If you are a 90s kid then you must be aware of the Dreamcast console. At that time, playing games on Dream-cast console is a great kind of enjoyment. Now, many consoles are already initiated in the market that are very advanced, efficient and features full than dreamcast console. However, if there is a game that is only available on Dreamcast then how you can play that game?

But, don’t worry because we are here. Below, we have featured the list of top 10 best dreamcast emulator for Windows that you can use to play Dreamcast games right on your windows computer. Just make sure to give a complete reading to the below article in order to get every detailed information and updates.

Top 10 Best Dreamcast Emulators for Windows of 2019

1. Reicast:-

This list of best Dreamcast emulators for Windows begins with Reicast. Have you heard of NullDC? Yes! NullDC is another popular Dreamcast emulator. Now, its development has been stopped and it changed into Reicast. Basically, Reicast is a modified version of NullDC. This emulator works perfectly on both Windows and Android operating system. Jet Ser Radio, Space Channel 5 and more are some games you can play using this Dreamcast emulator. If you want to use it on BIOS then you have to separately install it. This Dreamcast emulator is available for completely free.

2. DreamSpec:-

Second best Dreamcast emulator, we have DreamSpec. Basically, DreamSpec is a kind of spectrum emulator. It features CDI images of more than 200 freely available spectrum games of Dreamcast console. You don’t need to burn CDI image then boot it. Thus, no need to additionally install games. Apart from that you can play games in full screen, new skinnable GUI. This Dreamcast emulator is compatible with only Xbox. You can get your hands over it for completely free. Make sure to must give DreamSpec a try.

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3. Makaron:-

This Dreamcast emulator is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system. Thus, it also supports earlier versions of Windows. Not only just supports but works pretty as well. The only drawback is that you fill face issues of downloading Dreamcast BIOS separately as Makaron is a lightweight program. Not only Dreamcast, Makaron also supports Naomi console. Therefore, users can easily play demos and commercial games of both gaming consoles.

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4. DreamEMU:-

If you are just starting and need a very simple Dreamcast emulator than you can look for DreamEMU. This Dreamcast emulator is compatible with Windows operating system. You can download it from its official website for completely free. You can’t play commercial games on it. You can just only enjoy some homebrew and demo games. Being a lightweight program, you will require to install BIOS separately. This Dreamcast emulator was released in 2003.

5. Lxdream:-

Fifth best Dreamcast emulator, we have Lxdream. Thus, Dreamcast emulator is compatible with Mac OS and Linux operating system only. You can download and install it for completely free. As compared to other Dreamcast emulators, Lxdream is not that much powerful. It can only play 100 demo games. Virtual Fighter 3tb, Time Stalkers and Suzuki Alstare are some games you cab play seamlessly on Lxdream. Moreover, you will need to install BIOS separately and it does not come preinstalled with it.

6. DEmul:-

In the middle of this list, we have DEmul as another best Dreamcast emulator that you can try. DEmul is compatible with only Windows OS. Marvel VS, Sega GT, Virtua Tennis 2, Star Wars Demolition and 100 other games you can play on DEmul. You can easily install and configure it. It is a very lightweight program and thus, does not includes BIOS. First, you will need to install BIOS. The only drawback with DEmul is advertisements. Plenty of advertisements will disturb you on DEmul.

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7. Chankast:-

If you don’t liked anyone of the best Dreamcast emulators listed above then you will definitely find Chankast best for you. On Chankast, use can load games that uses self-rebooting. Even, Chankast was the first Dreamcast emulator to run commercial games successfully. Chankast is compatible with Windows XP and other Windows versions. This is also a lightweight program. Therefore, you will require installing BIOS separately on it. Make sure to give Chankast a must try.

8. Nester DC:-

Nester DC is an advanced Sega Dreamcast emulator that not only allows you to play Dreamcast games but NES games as well. You can download it completely free and install and configure completely free on Windows operating system. You can play games in full speed even without frame skip. It offers smooth and steady interface for gaming. It features classic background chip tunes involvement, super NES box art and much more. Apart from that it also supports 2 player modes too.

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9. Dreamer:-

It you know Spanish language then you can a try to Dreamer. Thus, Dreamcast emulator was released in 2000 and after the release, no updates came out. Here, you can play some commercial games of the past and demos games. It is a lightweight program therefore, you will require installing BIOS separately. Dreamer is compatible with Windows 98 operating system only. The user-interface of Dreamer is like what you can expect from a Dreamcast emulator. If you just want to try out a good Dreamcast emulator then you can go forward with Dreamer.

10. Redream:-

On the last of this list but not the least, we have Redream as another best dreamcast emulator you can try. It is a genuine Dreamcast emulator such that it offers some great advanced features. One of the best thing about Redream is that it supports gaming in the full high definition and 1080p. Moreover, Redream is available cross-platform Mac OS, Windows and Linux operating system. It also supports the latest version of the Windows 10. Apart from that it supports more than 500 games. Fast striker, Airforce Delta, 4 wheel thunder, chaos field are best games supported by Redream. Redream is a heavy program and it also includes BIOS.

Few More Words:-

Here, we have featured the top 10 best must try Dreamcast emulators for Windows of 2019. Let us know in the comment section below if you know any other best Dreamcast emulator that must be listed above and mention below which Dreamcast emulator you like to used to play games. Also, comment below if you have any questions.

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