‘Dropbox Passwords’ is Dropbox’s Upcoming Password Manager


INTRO: The Dropbox is now apparently trying its hands at developing and creating a password manager. The Dubbed Dropbox Passwords, as the company has listed the app on the Android and iOS with some limited invite-only access.

The Dropbox Passwords provide the password for the security by storing all your passwords in one secure place altogether, then it fills in usernames and passwords so that you can instantly sign in to websites and apps we have. You can very easily create and store the unique, secure passwords as you have sign up for new accounts,” that reads the app’s description.

Dropbox has quietly launched a new password manager in private ...

The app will also primarily provide three prominent features:

  • Sign in to the apps and websites with one click
  • Store the passwords as you sign in to sites and apps
  • Access your passwords from anywhere with automatic syncing to all your devices

According to the app’s listing that is mentioned, The Dropbox Passwords will use a technique called by zero-knowledge encryption for securely handling all your passwords.

In case you are wondering and thinking, the Dropbox Passwords is not a free service. You will now need a Dropbox Plus or Dropbox Professional to access it. Even if you have the subscription, you cannot access the service that you have unless you’re invited at the moment. But, that would all change once the company gets ready to brings out the service on a wide scale for all the users.

Since it is quite early to speculate the entire capabilities, we will now have to wait until Dropbox makes an official announcement to know if the service makes it to our list of one of the best password managers. For now, its Provided that it is coming from Dropbox, one would naturally expect it to be on par with the industry-leading password managers out there.


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