EA Announces Star Wars: Squadrons with VR Support


INTRO: So for all the fans of Star Wars, its time to rejoice! EA has today announced that a new game set inside the beloved Star Wars universe is coming to the players this fall. The game Titled ‘Star Wars: Squadron’, the game will specifically focus on dogfights in spaceships.

New Game To Be Introduced In Star Wars Universe

As announced by EA, it says that a new game set inside the beloved game is coming to the players. Star Wars: Squadrons both of them will have, that is a single-player campaign, and also a multiplayer mode. Actually if being honest it is the campaign that is exciting everybody a bit more.

Star Wars: Squadrons' to Support PSVR & PC VR at Launch This Fall ...

Return Of Jedi and Battles

After all, it is all set after so long wait for the events of Return of the Jedi, and the battles after the defeat of Emperor Palpatine. If you are more of an Empire kind of person than a Rebel, so worry not. The campaign will have you play as characters from both of the sides of  war. There will also be some cameo appearances from the previous familiar faces in the universe.

Micro-Transitions and Multiplayer Functions

The game will also offer rich cosmetic upgrades and improvements in it. Along with that, you will be able to unlock rewards and bonuses solely just through the gameplay. Yes, you read that right, there are no micro-transactions in this EA game. The multiplayer aspect of the game brings the  5v5 flight to combat that places players in an “immersive, first-person space dogfighting experience.”

Launch Date And Availability

Star Wars: Squadrons is launching on October 2. The new game will be available on Windows 10, Origin, Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It will also support VR on PCs and PS4. So enjoy your new game and do let us know your experience.


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