EA Removes Two Popular Celebrations From FIFA 21 to Negate In-Game “Toxic Behaviours”


INTRO: EA flagship title, FIFA 21, is getting on the brink of its release date with each passing day. However, the developers are still making changes to the sport supported community reports to enhance it. Now, consistent with official statements from EA, the developers have removed two of the foremost popular celebrations from the sport to negate “toxic behaviors” within the game.

No “Shush”, No “A-OK”, No In-Game Toxicity

According to recent reports, EA confirmed that they have removed the “Shush” and the “A-OK” celebrations from the game as players use these celebrations to troll opponents online. The developers took the choice to get rid of the celebrations after community members of the sport reported that these celebrations instigate “toxic behaviors” in online matches.

“We were told by the community that there are toxic behaviors within the game and that we wanted to form sure we removed them. So we removed a number of the celebrations that folks thought weren’t the simplest idea to possess within the game.”, said the FIFA devs.

Fifa 21 celebration 1

According to them, players should specialise in their gameplay rather than “other things” within the game. This will make online games shorter and also improve the flow of the games.

“The flow is shorter, which is to undertake to stay you playing most of the time rather than just waiting. All together the intention there’s just to stay you playing rather than doing other things which will not be necessary within the game.”, added the corporate .

Now, I completely agree that the “Shush” celebration is really a mocking celebration. It is very similar to Ronaldo’s famous “Calma” celebration (which also will not be there anymore in FIFA 21). However, I don’t understand why is there a drag with Dele Alli’s popular “A-OK” celebration, which became viral in 2018.

So, when FIFA 21 releases on October 9, expect it to be a touch less “toxic” than its previous iterations. You can pre-order the next-gen football sim from here.

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