Best Equalizer For Android That You Should Give A Try

equalizer for android

Android supports equalizers and it been quite a while. However, it’s still not a great experience. Some music apps have them and some devices have native ones in the settings that work system-wide. However, many apps like YouTube Music don’t and it’s weird to get it all to work all the time. Plus, with the Bluetooth revolution, many of the Bluetooth headphone companion apps adjust the EQ of the headset itself and bypass Android entirely. Still, you do have some options should you want to try to EQ your device yourself. Here are the best equalizer apps for Android. In this article, we are going to talk about some best equalizers for Android.

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Best Equalizer For Android:

1. 10 Band Equalizer:

10 Band Equalizer is exactly what it says it is. An equalizer that has ten bands. That is special because most have only five. It adjusts the frequency from 31Hz to 16kHz and from a range of 10dB to -10dB. It includes a built-in music player. However, it should work with most other music players as well. You’ll also get equalizer presets, a volume booster, bass booster, treble booster, and you can adjust the left and right balance. It’s one of many equalizer apps that you can pick up for free. The only thing missing is a pro version to remove ads. This is a free equalizer for Android. You can get the app from here.

equalizer for android

2. Beans Mobile Music Equalizer:

Music Equalizer by Beans Mobile is one of the simpler equalizer apps for Android. It features a five band equalizer along with a bass boost function, ten presets, themes, optional notification controls, and even widgets. The UI is easy enough to use and the bass boost and equalizer do work fairly well in most instances. It doesn’t work for boosting volume from your speakers or anything super fancy like that. However, it should work with wired headphones just fine. This one is also a little old, so we only recommend it for older devices. Get the app from here.

equalizer for android

3. Equalizer And Bass Booster:

Equalizer and Bass Booster is fairly self-explanatory. It has an equalizer and a bass booster. To be more specific, it includes a five-band equalizer, ten equalizer presets, and a bass booster. The developers state that it should work with most music players, video players, and FM radio. The only major issue is that the app will close sometimes when left in the background and sometimes it doesn’t always work. It’s one of the simpler equalizer apps and it should work on most devices. Download the app from Google Play.

equalizer for android

4. Equalizer FX:

Equalizer FX is one of the cleaner, more modern equalizer apps. It is exceptionally easy to use. It comes with a five-band equalizer, bass boost, virtualization, and even a loudness enhancer (Android 4.4 and up only). Like most, it comes with a widget along with presets to get you started. The developer has also stated that this should work with most music players, including Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, and others. The paid version is the same as the free version. It just removes advertising. Download the app from Google Play.

equalizer for android

5. Music Volume EQ:

Music Volume EQ and Bass Booster is one of the most popular equalizer apps out there. Thankfully, it actually works pretty well. It includes the standard five-band EQ along with nine EQ presets. Along with that, you’ll get volume control, bass boosting, loudness enhancement, and more. The developers also boast that it should work well with most video and audio players. All in all, it’s a positive experience for a software equalizer. It obviously won’t work with everything and you get more presets from others on this list, but this works okay. It’s also entirely free as far as we could tell. Get the app from Google Play.

equalizer for android


In this article, we have listed the best 5 equalizers for Android. These are mainly free apps. There are other equalizers too, like Neutralizers, Wavelet, etc. Do let us know if you know some more equalizers that works best on Android.

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