We Have Some Modern Evite Alternatives That You Can Try

evite alternatives

Online invitations have come a long way since their introduction way back in 1998 with Evite. in the internet world is practically a lifetime—since then we’ve been able to grab cars and rooms though apps like Uber and Airbnb, swap work files on virtual clouds like Dropbox, and snap selfies and share across social media channels with hashtags. In this article we are going to talk about some cool Evite alternatives.

The point is, the world has changed in regard to how we interact with others, and online invitation services have had to keep up. While Evite is certainly credited for inventing the idea of going paperless with invitations, many Evite alternatives are breaking into the scene and making their own mark. Newer online invitation sites are stepping up their game when it comes to how they interact with guests before, during, and after the event. And a few added bells and whistles never hurt either.

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Modern Evite Alternatives:

1. CircleUp

Though it’s not specifically designed to provide invitations and tracking, CircleUp does let you invite others to an event and track their attendance. The page detailing whether or not invitees will be attending the event is especially good. But CircleUp simply isn’t as useful as Evite, nor as convenient. Create cards from here.

evite alternatives

2. Crusher

Creating invitations can take less than a minute. But if you’re the type who wants to tweak an invitation to fit your needs, the site also has a CSS editor. You can add video, chat, photos, and much more. It’s great for the Web geek and the Web novice alike. Crusher is a popular Evite alternatives And it’s better than Evite.

3. Enclude

Unlike Evite, Enclude lets you send e-cards. But its invitation creation tool doesn’t provide as many planning options as Evite’s. And if you really care about the design of the invite, you’ll find fewer cards on Enclude. I also wasn’t impressed with its invitee tracking tool. Simply put, it’s no Evite.

4. Facebook

Creating an invitation in Facebook takes less than a minute. Everyone can see who will be attending the party. Attendance tallies are updated as soon as the invitee responds. If you don’t need to invite too many people outside of your Facebook friends list, Facebook is a fine invitation tool. It’s much simpler than Evite.

evite alternatives

5. Invitastic

Invitastic is ugly, too simple, and unable to compete on any level with Evite. That said, it might come in handy when you want to quickly send out an invite to a couple friends and you don’t want all the extras Evite provides. Invitastic is a famous Evite alternatives.

evite alternatives

6. MyPunchbowl

Though it’s not as popular as Evite, MyPunchbowl is better. It lets you create an invitation and give your invitees the option to let you know what times might be better for them. So if 7 p.m. doesn’t work for most of your invitees, you can change the party’s starting time to, say, 8 p.m. to make it fit into their schedules. You can also set some attendees as VIPs, so their scheduling needs are met before everyone else. And unlike Evite, MyPunchbowl is connected to the social network space–you can sign up with Facebook Connect.


There are a lot of Evite alternatives that you can use. For example, Pingg, Renkoo, Socializr these are also some of the popular Evite alternatives. Let us know if you know some more Evite alternatives.

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