Facebook Announces ‘Accounts Center’ to Better Handle Instagram, Messenger Integration


INTRO: Facebook on Tuesday announced that it’s testing a replacement feature called ‘Accounts Center‘ which will enable users to regulate the integrations between their Facebook account, Messenger and Instagram. The feature, which may be accessed from the ‘Settings’ menu on all three apps, also will allow users to show on or off features like ‘Single Sign On’, which allows users to possess one authentication for all Facebook-owned services.

Facebook introduces cross-app communication between Messenger and Instagram,  plus other features | TechCrunch

Accounts Center will offer three sorts of account-linking options. As are often seen within the screenshots, the primary one is ‘Story Post and Sharing‘, which can enable users to cross-post their Stories and updates across each app. Next is ‘Facebook Pay Info‘, which can enable users to authorize payments via their linked Facebook Pay details. Finally, there’s the ‘Logging in Across Accounts‘ option that might allow users to log into all Facebook-owned services without having to re-enter their log-in details for each app separately.

According to Facebook, Account Center also will give users the choice to sync changes to their name and profile photo across these three services. However, it won’t force users to use an equivalent identity across all Facebook apps. For example, “you can still prefer to be Aisha Ahmed on Facebook … and @bakersdozen on your Instagram account”, said the corporate .

For users within the US, the corporate is additionally adding Facebook Pay to the Account Center, enabling users to enter their payment information once on Facebook then use the payments service to form secure purchases and donations across Facebook and Instagram.

Featured Screenshots Courtesy: Facebook

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