Facebook Announces Permanent Work from Home Option for Employees

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INTRO: The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had announced on Thursday that the company would embrace the work from home culture by offering permanent work from home options to many of its existing employees.

Facebook 50% of the Employees Will Work Remotely

The CEO OF Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said in his statement on Facebook “ About the upcoming next 5-10 years, I think we could have 50% of our people working remotely, but we’re going to get there in a measured and organized way. We think that Facebook will be the fastest forward-leaning company on remote work at our scale, and we have been working on a thoughtful and responsible plan to do this.”

Focus Will Be Diverted To Remote Hiring

As part of this goal, Facebook will focus on remote hiring. Zuckerberg says Facebook will hire experienced engineering within 4 hours of a city where there is a Facebook engineering office. This includes areas such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, and San Diego. The company will also set up new hubs in Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver

40% Of the Facebook Employees Interested in Work From Home

According to Zuckerberg, more than half of company employees are as productive as they used to be before the coronavirus pandemic happened. He says about 40 percent of the employees are interested to pursue full-time remote work. Out of these employees, 75 percent of them are willing to move to another place.

Cost Of Living Based Salaries Will Be Provided

With all of that said, there’s one more catch in the company’s work from the home scheme which is the salary. According to the CNBC reports, the salaries of the employees will be adjusted based on the cost of living in the employee’s area. The Company said “We’ will adjust the salary to your location at that specific point. There will be severe after results for people who are not honest about this.”

Facebook is not the only company with remote work options in place. Google and Twitter announced earlier this month that the company will be offering a remote work option for the rest of 2020.



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