Facebook Bandstand Launched in India: Shoot Live Vidoes for Free

Facebook Bandstand Image
Image Credits: Gadgets360

Facebook has launched a space in India, located in Mumbai where you can shoot live videos and the company is not going to charge you for that; Facebook Bandstand. The concept of Bandstand is not new as YouTube has already launched similar place in Mumbai in 2015.

The space is limited to Celebrities or any public figure with Facebook page. For a normal user, this service is not available.


Facebook Bandstand Image
Image Credits: Gadgets360

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How to Book Facebook Bandstand to Shoot Live Videos for Free?

As said, any public figure can book this Facebook Bandstand and use this space to shoot live videos. Also, there’s no charge regarding this service by Facebook.

At present, Company is not planning to expand such Bandstand services in the country. Thus, you can’t get to see more such Bandstand in the country.

Facebook Bandstand Live Images
Image Credits: Gadgets360

Basically, this is not an initiative for common people. This service is targeted to Celebrities and public figures like dancer, etc.

Saurabh Doshi, Facebook media partnership head said that,”Any artistes whether big or small, whichever spectrum they may be (from) can come to this room and shoot here for free. Obviously depending on the availability.

If you’re looking for the exact location of this place then it’s located at Mumbai Facebook Office.

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