Everything About Facebook Friends Mapper And Hidden Friends

facebook friends mapper

If you are using Facebook for a long time you might have seen that Facebook has an option that lets you set the friend’s visibility to only me. Using this option will let your friends list hidden from all your friends. Unfortunately, there is a glitch on Facebook that doesn’t let you hide your information totally from your Facebook and the main reason behind this is Facebook’s mutual friend’s policy. Today in this article we are going to talk about Facebook Friend mapper and about how to crawl hidden friends.

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The problem for the user’s privacy and security is that it is already available a Free Chrome extension called Facebook Friend Mapper that will allow to see other’s hidden friends in just a click away. Download Facebook from here.

The Facebook Friends Mapper exploits the mutual friends feature. This extension lets you explore all the friends who have hide their friends from anyone. You can also see the friends of CEO Mark Zuckerberg who has hide his friends.

facebook friends mapper

But the problem here is even if you set your friends list to private, other Facebook users may still be able to see part of your hidden Friends list and that part is a lot more than just your mutual friends.

How Does This Mapper Works?

Facebook Friends Mapper crawls your hidden friends even if they don’t share their friends list with you.

How To Use Facebook Friend’s Mapper Extension?

Now comes the main part, how to use Facebook Friend’s mapper extension. Follow these steps and at the end of the article you will be able to use the extension.

  1. Install Facebook Friends Mapper extension from Chrome web store.
  2. Open the profile of whom friend’s list you want to see.
  3. Under friends tab you will be able to see the option ‘Reveal Friends’.
  4. Click on reveal friends.

And you are all set. Just keep in mind, their is a condition you have to satisfy to see other’s friend list. You and the targetted person must have at least one common friend or mutual friend. Else you will not be able to see that person’s friends.

facebook friends mapper


The facebook friends mapper a newly launched so many of you will be unaware on the extension. However, following these steps will help you to peep into other friends’s friend list. Do let us know in the comment if this article was helpful.

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