Facebook ‘Lock Profile’ Feature Launched in India for Better Privacy

Facebook 'Lock Profile' feature

Facebook ‘lock profile’ feature is launched. This will enable users to protect their information on the platform from being viewable to anyone who isn’t in their ‘friends’ list. This security feature is for “people in India, especially women” who want more control over their information on Facebook, the company said.

The latest profile security feature touts as the successor of the Profile Picture Guard – launched nearly three years ago. The security feature will be available to all users over the coming days.

‘Lock Profile’ – Features

Facebook says that the lock profile feature adds an extra layer of security to the profiles on the platform. When the feature is on enable mode, non-friends cannot zoom in, share, or download users’ full-size profile picture and cover photo. Similarly, old and new posts can also be not seen by non-friends if the security feature is on.

While Facebook already provides several privacy options that offer similar security enhancements. The new feature will essentially make things much easier. Especially for people who find it hard to navigate the plethora of privacy options on the platform.

“We are committed to providing a safe platform for people to express themselves, Ankhi Das, public policy director, Facebook India said in a statement.

“We are deeply aware of the concerns people in India, particularly women, have about protecting their online profile. Today, we are announcing a new feature which, in one easy step, will give people a lot more control, ensure their privacy and keep them safe and secure online.”

It is also important to note that once users enable the new feature, all the old public posts can only be viewed by friends. It is unclear whether non-friends will be able to send messages via Messenger if the security feature is on. Facebook in the statement also states that a blue badge will be an addition to the profile page. To remind that profile is locked.

Where to find the option

As mentioned, the feature is slowly being available to the users in India. However, one can check its availability by tapping More under your Facebook name. If you spot the Lock Profile option, then it is available for you. Select Lock Profile and then tap Lock Your Profile again to confirm.

The new profile security upgrade comes nearly three years after Facebook introduced Facebook Profile Guard. With the Profile Guard, non-friends cannot enlarge a profile photo while looking at a user’s profile on Facebook.


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