Facebook Messenger Adds App Lock and Other Privacy Features


 INTRO: Facebook has today added new features focused on improving the privacy of Messenger users. This includes an app locker for safeguarding private chats and improved message controls.

Privacy is at the guts of Messenger – where you’ll be yourself with the people that matter most to you, whether that’s through a message, video chat, call, or a Messenger Room,” wrote Jay Sullivan, Director of Product Management, Messenger Privacy and Safety.

Facebook Messenger brings App Locker

To make it easier to secure chats, Facebook Messenger has added an in-built app lock mechanism. The feature relies on the device’s privacy settings like fingerprint or face unlock. You can use Messenger’s App lock immediately on iPhone and iPad.

messenger app lock

The feature is going to be present within the new Privacy section. If you’re not seeing it, confirm you’ve updated Facebook Messenger to the newest version. Facebook promises to bring app lock to Android within the coming months.

Message Controls

Facebook Messenger is currently working to enhance how Direct Messages add Messenger. The social media giant mentions that the implementation will be similar to what we already have on Instagram.

The company will soon let users decide who can message or call them directly, and which messages will attend DM requests. Users also will be ready to tweak who can never text or call them. Message Controls aren’t rolling out at this moment.

Image Blurs

Another feature in the works is Image Blurs. With this, images in your message requests are going to be blurred by default. Considering the present userbase and target age bracket of Facebook, this is able to help users avoid unsolicited obscene images. Just like Message Controls, there’s no clear timeline for this feature. Facebook Messenger, however, says it’ll be running pilot tests soon.



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