Facebook Will Soon Start Charging for WhatsApp Business


INTRO: As a part of its plans to get more revenues from WhatsApp, Facebook on Thursday announced that the app would start offering e-commerce options and hosting services for businesses that use the service to interact with their customers. The company also said that it’ll soon start charging WhatsApp Business users to continue using the service.

Overall, the Facebook-owned company proposed three revenue streams from the app going forward – that is Shopping, Facebook Hosting Services, and Business Sales. As a part of the changes, businesses will now be ready to sell products on WhatsApp via ‘Facebook Shops’, a web platform launched earlier this year. “We will expand ways for people to see out available products and make purchases right from a talk . We also want to form it easier for businesses to integrate these features into their existing commerce and customer solutions,” said the corporate.

Facebook to start charging companies using WhatsApp for Business | The News  Minute

The Another new service the corporate will start offering is the Facebook Hosting Services that says it will “provide a replacement option for businesses to manage their WhatsApp messages”. What it basically means is that the corporate will offer small and medium-sized businesses who use WhatsApp Business, has the power to store their messages, chat history, and other data on Facebook servers.

As for now the paid service, WhatsApp says that the revenues will help it “continue building a business of our own while we offer and expand free end-to-end encrypted text, video and voice calling for quite two billion people”.Do note that while the shopping tool would start rolling out before the end of this year, the hosting service would become available in 2021. There’s no definitive timeframe for when WhatsApp Business will become a paid service, but the corporate says that it’ll happen “in the months to come” and we surely see that.

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