Facebook’s New Dark Mode Rolling Out For Users Worldwide


Facebook’s new dark mode on its desktop design is now available worldwide. In March, Facebook started out rolling the new design to the majority of the users. However, now it states that all users across the globe will get it. The design was announced at F8 last year and it brings along the anticipated Dark Mode. The new interface is touted to be faster than the previous one, and easier to use as well.

All new Facebook.com

Facebook.com is getting a more streamlined navigation approach, enabling easier discovery of videos, games, and even groups. The social giant claims that home page and other page transitions also load much faster. It is now almost akin to the mobile experience.

In a new blog post, Facebook confirms that all users across the globe are now getting the new Web design. The new design brings a Dark Mode toggle that lets you switch to the greyscale look whenever you prefer. The new Dark Mode switch is found in the top-right dropdown menu. The same is to reduce the strain on the eyes.

Facebook's new dark mode

Keeping people safe and informed about Coronavirus

There is a sidebar on the left that houses your profile link, the dedicated COVID-19 Information Centre page, and offers access to Messenger chats among other things. The Friends list flows on the right corner, and the feed takes all the space in the centre.

New features with Dark mode

There’s a new ‘+’ sign on the top panel that not only lets you create a post or a life event. But it also easily lets you create events, pages, groups, and even ads on Facebook. The social media giant notes on its blog that users can even ‘preview a new Group you’re starting in real-time, and see what it looks like on mobile before you create it’.

In Facebook’s new dark mode, the top panel also has a new Watch section that lists all recommended videos based on viewing history and likes. We also spotted a new ‘Gaming’ option on the top panel that lists all the games that users can play without leaving Facebook.

Everything from the chat window to the user profile has been redesigned, and Facebook says that the new design is rolling out for all users globally. As mentioned, it began rolling out to a majority of users in March, and now all users worldwide should be able to see the new design on their desktop browser.

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