[Updated List] FaceTime Alternatives For Android in 2020

FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Hey! Are you looking for some best FaceTime alternatives for Android? So you came to the right place, here we will know some of the best alternatives to FaceTime apps.

Communication makes us alive. In a busy and competitive world, we hardly get time to sit and talk together. But thanks to the digital apps that let us connect with our loving ones even when we are kilometers apart. The internet has several applications that allow you to do video and audio calls to get a feeling of being together.

Facetime is a popular application that lets you call and connect with people. But it features some limitations due to which people look for alternatives. This article will talk about the best FaceTime alternatives for Android.



FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Facetime is an app developed by Apple for Mac and iOS users to start a real-time conversation with friends and families. You can dial any number in your contacts and start a live video call with them. The app is a perfect medium to connect with people living at a distance from you. Facetime app also lets you connect with your beloved ones living in some other countries. The app is widely used by Apple users to do live video calling to friends and family members.


Problems with the Facetime app

Though facetime has a lot of advantages, it has a stack of disadvantages. The biggest problem with facetime is that you and the person whom you want to call must be an Apple user. That means the app is restricted only to Apple users.

The other disadvantage of facetime is that it only supports one on one video call, which means you can only call one person at a time. Facetime does not endorse any group video conference. It also uses a considerable amount of data making it difficult to use it for a more extended time.


FaceTime Alternatives For Android

But everything comes with a solution. The disadvantages of facetime are not available in many other alternatives, which provide the same service as facetime but in a more upgraded and better form. Here is a list of the best options of facetime which you can use in your android device as well:


FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Skype is the oldest and most popular name when it comes to real-time conversations. It is also one of the best and most popular FaceTime alternatives for Android. The application allows you to do real-time video calling with your friends or family. Apart from personal communications, skype is widely used for professional and business contacts.

The application also allows you to do and receive international calls making it more favorable. Skype supports HD video calling with HD audio quality. The app also supports subtitles in case you miss a spoken word. The app also features screen sharing by which you can work on multiple screens at a time.

It also lets you do instant messaging, which makes it more attractive. Also, the app supports private conversations, which makes it safer and secure to share information with others. You can easily find it on google or download it from the play store.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most popular social media app that lets you connect with your friends, family, and people across the world. The app features a lot of extensive services, out of which one is Facebook Messenger. Facebook messenger is the personal messaging app of Facebook that lets users connect and get into a real-time conversation.

The app also supports free video chat that makes you make real-time video conversations with your friends and families. The best feature of the Facebook messenger is that its text and video chat services are entirely free. You only need an active internet connection to use it.

Also, you need a Facebook account to login to the Facebook messenger and start the conversations. You can easily find it on google or download it from the play store.


Google Duo

FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Google duo is the free service provided by Google that offers a real-time video chat with other people. This is also one of the most popular FaceTime alternatives for Android. You need to dial a number from your contacts using your android, and here you are into a facetime conversation with your buddy. The app offers excellent video and audio quality.

The quality also depends on your internet bandwidth. Google duo provides a cross-platform means android, and ios users can together get into a video call.

Google duo has a concern over your security. Hence it allows you to block numbers from which you do not want a call. You can easily find it on google or download it from the play store.



FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Whatsapp needs no introduction. It is the most popular FaceTime alternatives for Android. It not only supports video calls but also lets you share pictures, videos, texts, and voice messages. The popularity of WhatsApp can be understood by the fact that every android and apple user have WhatsApp installed on their phones.

Whatsapp supports video conferencing with four people. The app lets you synchronize with your contacts and quickly get into a video call with your family, friends, or businesses. You can easily find it on google or download it from the play store.


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ezTalks Meetings

FaceTime Alternatives For Android

ezTalks Meetings is a professional alternative to facetime. The app is widely used for business conferences. But you can also use it to do real-time video conferencing with multiple family members at a time. The app supports HD audio and video quality, which provides a great user experience. The app also offers several meeting controls that enable you to host a meeting, add and remove participants, etc. it also offers an interactive whiteboard in case of a professional meeting to share the idea in a visual form with others.

The exclusive feature of ezTalks Meetings is that it supports video webinar. With this feature, you can connect up to  10,000 participants together into a video conference. Also, it is used for delivering online presentations, slideshows, and usage of the whiteboard.

The app has a free and premium version. In the free version, you can host a meeting with up to 500 people, and in premium, the limit is extended up to 10,000. The app is also secured and highly used by professionals for serious meetings. You can easily find it on google or download it from the play store.



FaceTime Alternatives For Android

As soon as you hear the name Snapchat, the cute filters start revolving in your mind. But Snapchat is more than just cute filters. The app is top-rated among young people because of its interactive and exciting user interface.


It allows you to share memories with new filters. It is an old messaging app, but it is also one of the best FaceTime alternatives for Android. Snapchat supports video calls up to 16 people. The app lets you share pictures, texts, voice messages, and videos.

The app has been gaining a lot of popularity for the last few years. You can use Snapchat as an alternative to facetime, and it is entirely free to use. Snapchat promises you your safety as well. You can easily find it on google or download it from the play store.



FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Viber is another alternative that you can use for facetime. It features free and secure calls to people. It also supports international calls. Viber also features instant voice and video messages. You can start a group chat using Viber.

The app supports high-quality audio and video calls. Viber has a collection of expressive stickers, which makes it even more popular. You get to share videos without any hassle. You can also create communities with unlimited people that enhance networking.

Viber guarantees your security. Hence you can think of choosing Viber for your video calls. You can easily find it on google or download it from the play store.


Just talk

FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Just talk, as reflected by name, is for talking service. It is also an excellent alternative for facetime. It supports video conferences with up to 50 members.

Just talk supports high-quality video and audio during video conferences. It needs fewer data and can function well with 3G, 4G, or wifi. The app also allows you to have a lot of fun while you are on a video call with another person. You can use stickers, doodles and can draw funny things to make your conversation even brighter.

The app also allows you to capture your memories. You can record and save all your communications with just a tap and can relive the moments anytime you want. The messages sent over just talk are securely encrypted, which means it offers you privacy under which only you and the person whom you have sent the message can get access to the messages. You can easily find it on google or download it from the play store.


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Final Words

This was a list of the few best FaceTime Alternatives For Android. You can select any of the other options mentioned above. You can use many of them in your Pc as well as smartphones. These apps are ways to access and use. They come with a very interactive user interface that makes them even more popular. You can easily find them on google and download their extension for your PC.

you can also download them from google play store and install them in your android. Many of them function with an apple as well, which means you can install them in your ios device as well.

Do let us know in the comment section, which is your preferred FaceTime Alternatives For Android.!


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