Fake ‘TikTok Pro’ Links Targeting WhatsApp Users With Malware: Report


INTRO: The team of Maharashtra Cyber Police has warned that criminals are sending fake ‘TikTok Pro’ links via WhatsApp to steal user data. Cyber-criminals are reportedly creating fake Tiktok Pro links that time users at malware-laden content. The malicious links are apparently meant to trap people that want to download the video-sharing application.

The real app, however, is now banned within the country alongside several other Chinese apps. The cyber-police urged citizens to not click on any such links received through texts or instant messaging apps.

The development comes within the wake of the recent ban imposed on TikTok by the Indian government. In fact, in light of the escalating tensions between China and therefore the US, even the US govt is reportedly contemplating a ban on the favored video-sharing platform. However, whether that eventually happens or not remains to be seen.

It is Owned by a China-based tech company, ByteDance, TikTok has been trying desperately hard to distance itself from China. The company is reportedly considering shifting its global headquarters outside China to deal with concerns expressed by some US lawmakers and security agencies. The company also pulled out of Hong Kong in the week after Beijing implemented a controversial new ‘security law’.

After its ban in India previously last week, the company’s CEO, Kevin Mayer, also claimed that the corporate has never handed over data of Indian users to the Chinese government. He further claimed that the corporate wouldn’t suits such an order albeit Beijing asked for it. The company also promised to line up a knowledge center in India to suits the country’s data-privacy laws.

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