Find WiFi Password Android In Just A Few And Easy Steps

find wifi password android

If you own a smartphone and you have the habit of connecting to public WiFis, then you have you may have connected to dozens of school, home, work, and gym WiFis. ach time you typed in one of these Wi-Fi passwords, your Android device saved it for safekeeping and easy access in the future. The problem arises when you want to find the WiFi password Android of the networks that you have connected to. Perhaps you want to connect a second device to a saved Wi-Fi access point, or maybe you’re with a friend who wants to log in to the same hotspot. But without a way to access the actual passwords that your device has stored, you’re out of luck.

If you are using Android 10 or higher, you can see the password of the WiFi connection through your phone’s settings only. In this article, we will cover how you can find the password of the WiFi connection you are connected to.

find wifi password android

Find WiFi Password Android:

Here is how you can find the WiFi password for your Android smartphone.

Method 1: The first trick is for those who have Android 10 and up. This first method doesn’t require root or even an extra app. But it does require that your phone is running Android 10 or higher. If your phone has been updated to this version, I’ll outline a quick and easy way to see saved Wi-Fi passwords If you don’t get the option you can follow the second method to find WiFi password Android.

Method 2: Locate WiFi settings.

Currently, there is only one flavor of Android 10, and that’s the “Stock Android” version directly from Google. However, in the near future, manufacturers like Samsung will put their own spin on Android 10 by applying an OEM skin such as One UI, which means the settings menus could be a little different on your phone.

So first, search your phone’s Settings menu for the “Wi-Fi” submenu. On Stock Android, that’s located in Settings –> Network & internet. Once you’ve found the Wi-Fi settings menu, go ahead and select it. This will help you to find WiFi password android very easily.

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View WiFi Passwords:

One inside the Wi-Fi settings page, scroll past the list of available networks and select the “Saved networks” option. From there, you’ll see a list of all the Wi-Fi networks your phone remembers. Select one. Now, choose the “Share” option towards the top of the screen. You’ll be asked to scan your fingerprint or face or enter your PIN or password. Upon doing so, you’ll see a QR code that represents the network’s SSID and password. Following this trick will help you to find WiFi password Android.

find wifi password android

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For a long time, Android was lacking the ability to view WiFi passwords of saved networks on Android. This meant that if you ever forgot the credentials to log into your WiFi when setting up a new device, you’d be forced to reset your modem or consult your network provider to reconfigure the network. But now with the latest update of Android 10, you can now find WiFi passwords Android.

However, prior to Android 10, there were still some neat tricks to view saved WiFi passwords, some of which required root access for the device that you’re using.

If you want to view WiFi passwords for Android 9 or older, you need to root your device. While finding WiFi passwords on older Android phones won’t be as easy as it would be on Android 10, you can still do it within minutes. You will need root access to be able to find and share the WiFi password on Android 9 Pie, Android 8.0 Oreo, and older devices.


Following this article will help you to view the password of your WiFi or connected device with ease. Let us know if this article was helpful and also let us know if you know any other method of viewing WiFi passwords.

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