Firefox 80 Resurrects the Back Button on Android


INTRO: Mozilla started rolling out Firefox 79 or ‘Firefox Daylight’ as they call it, in late July and made it widely available last month. The Firefox community apparently didn’t just like the update and began to flood the app’s reviews with 1-star ratings. The most common complaints among users are the shortage of a fanatical back button and missing extensions. Mozilla has addressed the former with the latest Firefox 80 update.

With Firefox 80, you’ve got the beloved back button, which may even be wont to view the tab history upon a long-press. Take a glance at the official changelog below, although other features are already a part of Firefox 79:

  • The back button is back. Plus view tab history with a long-press of it.
  • Enhanced Tracking Protection on by default
  • Open as many tabs as you wish and organize them into Collections
  • Get to non-public Browsing Mode with only one tap
  • Ergonomic browsing with the bottom nav bar
  • Switch to Dark Mode
  • Video multitasking with Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Powered by the independent GeckoView engine

In a separate blog post, Mozilla has provided an update on the state of extensions in Firefox Daylight. According to Mozilla’s Caitlin Neiman, the corporate had to launch the redesigned Firefox ‘in order to urge the new browser to users as soon as possible’. Neiman also says the step was necessary to ‘limit resources needed to take care of two different Firefox for Android applications’.

Mozilla promises to bring more recommended add-ons within the coming weeks. For now, the browser supports just nine popular extensions. The company is additionally working to let users install extensions directly from the Firefox add-ons website.

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