Firefox for Android Updated with Bottom URL Bar, Enhanced Privacy & Dark Mode


INTRO: Mozilla had been working on a new version of its popular Firefox browser for Android for more than a year. It offered users a peek at the upcoming changes via the ‘Release Preview’ build and there are tons of them. The latest Android update is a huge milestone in the app’s development, thus, it has been branded as Firefox Daylight.

For starters, Firefox for Android now touts a totally new UI and utilizes Mozilla’s own GeckoView mobile browser engine. The app didn’t have a dark mode until today. You can now easily pick between light or dark themes or set it to modify automatically supported the device’s settings.

My favorite feature during this Firefox update is the ability to put the address bar at rock bottom of the screen. It’s easier to reach and more intuitive. Mozilla has added a replacement ‘Collections’ tool to assist curate bookmarks, which are accessible from both the mobile and desktop browsers.

firefox ui changes

Firefox for Android will soon have a Pocket integration also. It will bring Android’s release even closer to the desktop app. Mozilla explains the gathering feature saying – “We will have a number of the highest articles as a default collection on the other hand we’ll even have the Smart Collection which will recommend content supported the Collections that the user has manually created.”

The browser now comes with ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ enabled by default. It will block out ads and a few trackers but you’ll switch to ‘Strict’ mode to dam most of the trackers, ads, and pop-ups. The latter also will speed up the loading speed of webpages. The Private browsing mode (or Incognito mode, as most folks know it) has adopted features from the company’s privacy-focused ‘Firefox Focus’ browser.

Mozilla further touts that Firefox for Android is made on GeckoView rather than Google’s Blink, which is employed by most Android browsers out there. “Firefox’s GeckoView engine ensures us and our user’s independence,” says the blog post. The new browser is additionally claimed to be 10% faster than its predecessor.

firefox enhanced tracking protection

And well, if you’re someone who wishes to use certain popular extensions to regulate your browsing experience to your needs then Firefox Daylight makes that possible also. It offers you nine add-ons, to begin with. It includes uBlock Origin, Dark Reader, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript Security Suite, Decentraleyes, Search by Image, YouTube High Definition, and Privacy Possum.

So yeah, if you’re looking to undertake out a replacement Android browser or are expecting Firefox to get on par with its desktop counterpart then plow ahead and download Firefox on your device using this link right here.

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