Firefox Preview is Now Firefox Nightly on Android

Firefox Nightly

INTRO: Firefox’s current browser lineup isn’t as straightforward as you’d expect on Android. There are different variants like Firefox, Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Lite, Firefox Preview, Firefox Preview Nightly, and even Firefox Focus. Well, the corporate has finally begun to simplify its offerings.

Firefox Nightly For Android 

Going forward, Mozilla will offer just three primary Firefox builds – Firefox, Firefox Beta, and Firefox Nightly. However, Firefox Focus and Firefox Lite will still be offered. This change is to determine a smooth transition to its modern design. Mozilla has changed its existing Firefox Preview to Firefox Nightly. Meanwhile, the old Firefox Nightly and Firefox Preview Nightly are discontinued. I know, this will get quite confusing even for Firefox users. For your reference, below are the new Firefox builds:

Firefox Preview is Now Firefox Nightly on Android | Beebom

  • Mozilla Firefox Stable (old UI)
  • Firefox Beta (new UI)
  • Firefox Nightly (was Firefox Preview)

Mozilla recommends Preview users to modify to the Beta version for a relatively stable user experience. This way, you get the redesigned version of Firefox with better stability and fewer crashes.

The company is notifying old Firefox Preview users about the transition on the house page with a banner that reads “Firefox Nightly gets updated nightly and has experimental new features. However, it may be less stable. Download our beta browser for a more stable experience.” With these changes, it’s evident that Firefox is ready to end its current Firefox version with old UI. Now that the new UI build is within the beta channel, we could expect Mozilla to push Firefox with its new design to the stable channel within the coming weeks.

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