This is the First Indoor Drone That Can Disinfect Large Areas


INTRO: Since drones came into our world, the remote-controlled flying machines have been used for numerous purposes. We have seen drones being used to plant trees, survey underground tunnels, and maintaining law and order. So now during this pandemic, we have a drone as a disinfectant also.

Indoor Drones To Disinfect Large Areas

Now, amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, these flying things have found a new purpose, i.e., disinfecting large areas to prevent new Coronavirus cases. We have seen drones being used to spray disinfectants in India and now a company has made an Indoor Drone that can clean huge areas using the trusted ultraviolet light.

Aertos 120-UVC Commercial Indoor Drone

World's First Indoor Disinfection Drone Ready to Fight COVID-19 ...

The Aertos 120-UVC is a commercial indoor drone that uses the UVC light technology to disinfect large commercial spaces such as airports, stores, and warehouses.

Created and developed by Digital Aerolus, the Aertos 120-UVC is the first drone that is stable enough for easy indoor usage. According to the company, the drone has a 99% disinfection rate as it uses one of the strongest disinfectants, i.e., the ultraviolet-C light.

Uses Ultraviolet Light Technology

We have seen the use of this kind of ultraviolet light technology previously in the Phonesoap that cleans mobile devices. Now, this technology is being deployed to clean large areas in less time and with lesser physical contact.

The drone flies above a surface for an average of five minutes to clean it and uses AI and math for space navigation. You can check out the full specs of the drone right here. The company aims to help essential businesses to keep their facilities clean, especially now, as the Coronavirus has taken over the world by storm.

Drone to  help the businesses to clean their warehouses, stores, and facilities

This new technology used in the indoor commercial drone will help the businesses to clean their warehouses, stores, and facilities remotely, in turn, reducing physical contact for cleaning areas. This will hugely benefit cleaning workers as it will prevent them from contracting and spreading the deadly COVID-19.

Digital Aerolus is currently taking pre-orders for the Aertos 120-UVC and is planning to ship it in May. If you think that this drone can help you clean your facility efficiently, you can reserve one for yourself from right here.

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