Fixed Broadband Connection Demand Increase Amid Lockdown

Fixed Broadband Connection Demand Increase Amid Lockdown

It’s been a long time since the Indians are in lockdown. Smartphones are the only thing that is keeping us connected. People have been relying on a stable network for work purpose and entertainment purposes as well. Fixed Broadband Connection Demand Increase Amid Lockdown.

All the organizations have announced work from home to break the coronavirus chain. Since everyone is working from home, data usage has increased by 30% during this lockdown.

Fixed Broadband Connection Demand Increase Amid Lockdown:

As per a new report by Crisil, the demand for fixed broadband connection has spiked up since march, and urban areas are the major contributors in the demand cycle.

More The Data Consumption, Less Is The Network Speed:

Crisil has reported that during this lockdown consumers are using data for their entertainment purpose and work purpose. That has increased the pressure on Internet service providers causing poor network speed.

Fixed Broadband Connection Demand Increase Amid Lockdown

As the connection request is all-time high and many users are already using broadband services, the network speed has been reduced.

Not only broadband connections, but mobile data speed is also reduced as high-speed internet was causing extra load on the mobile towers.

Fixed Broadband Connections Will Attract More Consumers:

The fixed broadband sector has always faced closed competition with mobile internet service. As a result of the intense competition, the Fixed broadband sector since 2016 was stuck at a subscriber base of around 19 million.

The number of consumers will increase as the demand has increased during this lockdown period, as well as reduced prices.

State-Owned BSNL Has Largest Number Of Subscribers:

The state-owned major telecom operator, BSNL has the largest number of broadband subscribers with 8 million consumers. Next in the queue comes other telecom operators like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, Den Broadband, Hathway Cable and Datacom.

Broadband service providers are also proving multiple facilities to subscribers.

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