Flexible Band-Aid-like Device Will Check for COVID-19 Symptoms


INTRO: Since the time when Novel Coronavirus hit the world back in January of this year, we have seen so many companies and organizations which are creating ways to track COVID-19 the disease which is caused by this Coronavirus. So now, here comes a flexible band-aid-like device that can monitor COVID-19 symptoms by analyzing coughs and breathing of a person.

Flexible Band-Aid monitors Coughing & Breathing

The new device, Band-aid is built by the Northwestern University of Chicago in collaboration and partnership with Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, which directly sets at the base of a person’s throat, and then it monitors his/her coughing and breathing to predict whether that person is infected or not.

Flexible Throat Sensor Powered by AI to Track COVID-19 Symptoms ...

Earlier it was a device that was used to monitor the speech and swallowing process in the stroke-hit patients in the recovering stages. However, the team brought a revolution its usage which renewed the device to now track the cough and breathing troubles especially for (primary for COVID-19 patients) of a person.

High Bandwidth and  Tri-axis Accelerometer

Wearable Technology That Feels Like Skin - The New York Times

The device does not use a microphone as it is too interrupting for a person’s privacy. So Instead of that, it uses a “high-bandwidth, tri-axis accelerometer which measures the movement of the surface of the skin of the throat”, as according to the Director of Northwestern University’s Center on the Bio-Integrated Electronics, John Rogers.

Because it has a small flexible device that is integrated with a sensor inside it, and it does not have any ports to enable a wired connection. So, the users can place the device on a wireless charger once a day to charge it up. While all the device charges up, it also uploads all the data which is collected to a nearby iPad, which then uploads it to a HIPAA-approved cloud. Once all of the uploads are completed, a proprietary AI analyses all the data for any kind of irregularities that are correlated with COVID-19.

The team is currently delivering this new device to various healthcare institutions along with an iPad and the wireless charger in the box.

Now, as the device is currently in its early stages, the already AI-analysed data are verified by human operators before they are sent to medical facilities. For now, twenty-five people have been wearing this device for two weeks and as a result, we have around 1 TB of data has been uploaded to the cloud sized which is consists of data of about 1500 hours.

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