FoneMonitor Lets You Track A Phone’s Activity Like A Pro


Technology covers a large part of our lives nowadays. Technology has its own perks and disadvantages. Children have also managed to gain access to this technology from young ages, others by necessity (need to check up on them), and some by choice. In this article we will tell you about an app FoneMonitor that lets you spy through someone’s phone activity.

Every parent is concerned about what their children are watching on the internet or with whom they are talking or chatting or where do they go when they leave the safety of our home.

There is where the FoneMonitor app comes into action. This app is suitable for both Android and iPhone. It’s not only designed to work for tracking/monitoring the everyday usage of our children’s phone/whereabouts but it can be used for business purposes! You’re a company official and want to monitor the devices you have given to your employees? You’d like to be sure that your property (smartphone) is used as it was supposed to be? Then proceed and have a look at how you can make it happen with FoneMonitor.

Let us know what are the main features of FoneMonitor.


Features Of FoneMonitor:

  • Monitoring of sent and received SMS and telephone calls with different contacts.
  • Easily spy on social app activities, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • Control all installed applications, access the photos and videos downloaded from them.
  • See all the browsing activity, including the web address records.
  • Verify all photos, music, and videos downloaded on the target iOS devices.
  • Monitor notes, reminders and calendar activities to ensure reasonableness.
  • Follow the path of the device, know where the device has been.

The best thing about FoneMonitor is it is compatible with Android and iPhone too.

Here is how you can download and use 9apps apk on Android.

How Does This App Works?

FoneMonitor is an effective phone monitoring application that can work with any Android or iOS devices to gain access to calls and messages, GPS location, Keylogger, application registration, and social media such as Facebook Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. In addition, it also supports Browser history monitoring, remote screenshots, geofence, and application activity during phone operation. You can even give access to photos, videos, calendar, notes, and even downloaded music.


One more thing you can surely enjoy is its compatibility with Windows and Mac OS operating systems, meaning that you can use it from your PC while you’re at work and completely monitor the use of all the devices you have in your possession at once. Using this app you can track all activities on the iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices of children and employees. The best thing is that you can monitor someone’s phone without jailbreaking or install any application on those devices. You can simply configure FoneMonitor easily from a browser to access the information anytime, anywhere, as long as there is a network.


Step 1: Create a FoneMonitor account.

Step 2: choose the application OS (Android or iOS), along with the name and age of the owner of the target device.

Step 3: That’s all. Now you can begin your monitoring or spying on other devices.

Step 4: If the desired device is an Android smartphone, then we need to go on with one more step, in order to allow for the install of Unknown Sources.

Add the app as system service by clicking on Start Supervision, to remove the app icon from the menu, so that the owner ( a small child, or an employee of your company) doesn’t know he’s being monitored.

Pricing Of FoneMonitor:

The app is not free to users, you have to pay to use FoneMonitor. Though the pricing is very flexible. You can choose between 1 month, 3 months or 1-year package. But it also has a Premium package for your choice. You can acquire FoneMonitor through its official website for a value of $ 29.99 in its Premium version and $ 39.99 in the Ultimate edition.

Final Words:

FoneMonitor can be a great app if you want to use this app for official works or to monitor what your children are doing. Use this app and let us know if you found any alternative to FoneMonitor.

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